Meal Ticket Essay

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Titled: Meal Ticket

Genre: American Drama Television Series

Tagline: Everyone deserves a meal ticket; however everyone has to eat.

Log Line: Meal Ticket follows Bret Hall, a young man who, while
working in a busy Washington DC restaurant to finance his return to
college, comes to the realization that life’s obstacles force many
people to put off their dreams, work to survive, and wait on a meal

Setting: Washington D.C., during America’s new era of "change“.

Premise: Meal Ticket shows the necessity of human dependency on the
limited resources and opportunities that the world has to offer. Meal
Ticket shows how some people wait on a meal ticket; while others go
and get their meal ticket by any means necessary. People must consider
daily living expenses, bills, habits, and even luxuries over a dream.
As a result, they tend to stray away from their dreams and work only
to survive and are left waiting for a person or thing to depend on for
financial support; or in this case, a meal ticket.

Bret Hall’s meal ticket is to return to Howard University and be the
first to graduate in his family. While Bret misses the deadline for
financial aid, Bret's mother wants him to return his hometown of
Philadelphia to finish school. However, Bret does not want to abandon
the new life that he has started in Washington DC. Instead, Bret
decides to get a job as a waiter at an upscale restaurant where he
comes across many people who are waiting for a meal ticket. Meanwhile,
Bret has to save his money and save his relationship with his
"well-off" girlfriend Christina who can also be viewed as Bret‘s
potential meal ticket. But this isn't so easy for Bret since he is
young, unfocused, a party animal and a ladies’ man. This conflict
questions the premise of love and if love can be depended on as a
young adult during times of uncertainty about one’s future, and
ultimately one’s self.

Content: With its diverse and multiple story-lines, Meal Ticket serves
up a feast that will satisfy everyone's appetite. It will attract the
everyday hardworking Americans with its premise of working to survive
while chasing a dream that has been deferred. It will attract today's
hip-pop generation with its elements of life at a Historically Black
University which have been highlighted in the films "Stomp the Yard",
"Drumline", and Spike Lee's "School Daze". Not too mention, it is
reminiscent of the hit Cosby Show spin-off "A Different World". It
also will satisfy America's thirst for juicy modern-day subjects in
American politics such as immigration reform. For instance, the main
character, Bret, works with many Hispanic migrant workers in the
restaurant and he realizes that their meal ticket is to make a living
in America. The Hispanic migrant workers go through extreme conditions
only to make it to America and work the low-class jobs that most
Americans turn down. As a result, the migrant workers are forced to
depend on each...

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