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Food And Personality Essay

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Affecting the Personality

There are a million different ways of how people eat and also a million different types of personalities. Wouldn’t you think there could also be a million different connections between the two? An eating habit can also refer to how, why, with whom, when or what a person eats. Every person does something and every person makes time to eat depending on their daily schedule. Schedules will change throughout their life and so will their eating habits. Every person will have a different daily schedule one way or another. Some people have a very busy one and other people have a simple one. Daily schedules will also change from time to time because that is how life works. Despite which type of life a person leads, their eating habits will differ and ultimately change.
The popular saying “we are what we eat” might actually work the other way around, who we are, determines what we eat. While every one of us is unique in our own ways, the way we do things is hardwired to our personality. The so called “normal” schedule for a someone is working an 8 hour day job. Typically, eating habits for this type of schedule will be breakfast in morning before work, lunch at work in early afternoon and dinner after work in the early evening. Lets say a person has this specific type of eating schedule and something changes. It wouldn't even have to be a major change. Suppose this type of person is someone who relies on breakfast for their entire day. They rely on it so much, that their mood, behavior and emotions will change if they miss breakfast. If they miss breakfast, a lot of things dealing with their personality will most likely change throughout the day. Their mood might change, their behavior could differ and their emotions might change all because their eating habit for this day has changed.
Traditions can be very popular in families. They can vary from category to...

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