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In the movie Mean Girls it's simple enough to fill the role of the hegemonic ideal. It only takes being a white, upper-class girl, who is skinny, with big boobs, and gorgeous full hair. Who only wears jeans on Fridays, never wears sweat pants, has an enormous wardrobe, and will bow down to the queen bee, unless you are bitchy enough to be the queen bee then you must be able to direct people as you please. Simple enough right?However, each girl has her own flaw that brings her down. The biggest flaw is being in a group that isn't accepted by the popular girls and therefore not conforming to the hegemonic ideal. There are the preps, J.V. jocks, Asian nerds, cool Asians, varsity jocks, unfriendly black hotties, girls who eat their feelings, girls who don't eat anything, desperate wannabes, burn outs, or the sexually active band geeks. Each of these groups varies from the hegemonic ideal in their own way some further than other. Then there are the plastics, the girls who the rest of the school adores. Even these girls have their own flaws.The plastics consist of three girls, queen bee Regina and her two slaves Karen and Gretchen with a new addition, Cady. They each have their own flaws that they can't see; they also have the physical flaws that they hate. During the scene after school in Regina's bedroom each of the girls picks apart her body discussing the problems of their body. Regina has man shoulders and huge pores, Karen's hips are too large and nail beds suck, and Gretchen has bad calves and a weird hair line. Cady soon learned that there was more than just being fat or skinny. This is how society is now. It is no longer okay just to be skinny. For every girl there is always something to work on. The pressures of society cause girls to constantly critique their bodies and never be happy because they aren't as perfect as the airbrushed pictures in the magazine. With the girls of the plastics, each one has more in depth problems.Cady, the newest, gets pulled in before she realizes it. She'll do anything to get friends and when she gets pulled into her own game of ruining Regina, she ruins herself. She becomes just like Regina. The first day Cady act likes the plastics it is a pink day. Cady shows more of a counter-hegemonic approach. She wears a pink shirt yet it is not the tight fitting shirt like the other girls, it's a large, baggy boy's shirt. Cady quickly turns her clothing into that of the hegemonic ideal. The clothing like "the low-slung jeans, sequined halter tops and lacy miniskirts that so many young girls are wearing to class?" (George, 1)Karen is a beautiful, blonde bombshell. She has the small frame and the long golden hair that shines in the sun, however she's missing brains. Karen is anything but smart. She talks about failing all her classes and how her boobs can tell the chances if it's raining or not, and even then she's wrong. Karen shows how in our society sometimes if you are absolutely beautiful you can get by with having...

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