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“A great song doesn’t attempt to be anything – it just is.” (Carter). This is a quote from an essay written by Jay Z in a Rolling Stone article in 2011. Jay Z is a multi-platinum recording artist with many hit songs, including a few that are in Rolling Stone’s top 500 songs list. Because of Jay Z’s accomplishments, Rolling Stone felt that he would be a good person to ask about how to make a classic song. Jay Z references different songs and ideals on what he thinks makes a classic song, but is he really the right person to ask for insight on this topic? Jay Z is just a rapper, and we live in a time where it is more important for an artist to sell records than present a legitimate message, and the best way for one to that is to gain popularity.
Jay Z may be one of the most popular rappers ever, but other than his business ventures he is only a rapper. Jay Z may have worked with many different kinds of artists and producers but he has no personal experience doing solo work outside his genre. Looking beyond the fact that he is solely a rapper, Jay Z has in fact sold millions of records. Two of his solo songs, “99 Problems” and “Big Pimpin” are on the Rolling Stone top 500 list. However, Jay Z himself has admitted that his most popular song are not necessarily his best. “Some of my best songs aren't the biggest ones.” (Carter). Everybody has a difference in opinion and musical tastes, so one man, even if it is Jay Z, should not determine what makes a classic song. Especially if the person trying to determine is not skilled in more than on aspect of creating a song. By having a wider range of skills in music, one can better understand and pick apart a song and see if the pieces match those of a song that is widely considered a classic by many such as “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen. There simply might not be another classic song that is like “Bohemian Rhapsody” because to many artists try to please the radio.
Today, songs have to be able to appeal to the demographic that primarily listens to those radio stations that play the top songs in the country or the world. That is the main way for an artist to gain popularity and get the rest of their music out there. The problem with that philosophy is that artists more often than not have to give up some kind of creative control to achieve their goals. Which means they must follow certain trends in the music industry at any given time in order to gain or sustain their popularity. Just because songs get a lot of air play on the radio, does not mean that they are always the best song when it comes to quality and meaning in the lyrics. Jay Z attested to this in his essay in Rolling Stone. “A song like "Can I Live" is so full of emotion to me — it was better than "Hard Knock Life" or "Empire State of Mind," but it lacked that accessibility.” (Carter). That is saying a lot considering “Empire State of Mind” alone has gone platinum five times since its release in 2009. People overall want to hear songs that make...

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