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Meaning Of Life Essay

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Finik 1Michael FinikMr. GodboutENG4UA11 July 2014Meaning of lifeWhy does one live? What purpose does one serve? What is the meaning of life? These are all existential questions that both ancient and modern philosophers have yet to satisfactorily answer. The weight of one's mortality and the differences of life and death are introduced right from the start of Shakespeare's play Hamlet having Hamlet, in the aftermath of his father's death, attempt to explore these existential questions, seeking truth and understanding as he tries to grasp the anecdote about his father's death. Claudius on the other hand is deeply considering his actions while also enduring a very difficult apprehension of life after death. Claudius acts to generate Hamlet's confusion and anger, and his ensuing search for truth and life's meaning, but Claudius himself is not a stationary character. In private, he is a very different character. It is clear that Claudius is seen as a murderous villain, but a divided villain: a man who cannot refrain from nourishing his own desires. He is not a monster, only morally weak, intent on trading his humanity for power. Polonius is a man filled with confidence in his knowledge, and while he is a blowhard, and he does spout sayings, his clichés constitute sound advice and his observations prove themselves prophetic. In Hamlet, life and death provides multiple influences and consequences for each of these characters, affecting both their well-beings and sense of meaning.Finik 2Hamlet is a university student of Wittenberg who frequently contemplates on several perplexing philosophical questions, and possibly suicide. When King Hamlet, his father, dies, he returns home to Denmark only to discover that there was evidence of foul play in his father's death. "The serpent that did sting thy father's life/Now wears his crown." (I.V.39-40). The Ghost of King Hamlet tells Hamlet that his uncle Claudius is the murderer. Feeling decisive, Hamlet seeks to prove Claudius' guilt before he takes any action. However, Hamlet is too quick to act at times: he constantly exaggerates his intellect while ignoring his emotions and what feels right. Although his father's death set high emotions for Hamlet, it serves as only one of the troublesome events for Hamlet. The fact that his mother, Gertrude, has ended her mourning and married another man (Claudius) so quickly, shows Hamlet the differences in some peoples thoughts, decisions, and possibly way of life. "Frailty, thy name is women!" (I,II,146). In this quote, Hamlet is speaking in his first soliloquy. The "women" he specifically refers to is his mother. Hamlet feels that Gertrude is weak and not strong enough to mourn his father any longer. Hamlet even continues to say that not even an animal, or beast, who has no reasoning or skills, would have abandoned the mourning so quickly. All in all, this shows how angry and distressed Hamlet is by his mother's marriage. Although Hamlet appears to be the exemplar...

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Meaning Of Life Essay

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1512 words - 6 pages In Robert Lowell’s confessional poetry Life Studies (1962), Drusilla Modjeska’s memoir The Orchard (1994), Arthur Bochner’s personal narrative It’s About Time (1997) and Felicia Sullivan’s memoir The Sky isn’t Visible from Here (2008), the truth and meaning of a life is understood to be a product of social discourses. This means they are mediated between language, supplementations outside the life represented, and spectres of past, present and

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779 words - 3 pages meaning of life" and yet they differ in the totally optimistic and ambiguous attitudes towards life; in their traditional and irregular forms and many more.An easy access to a poem is to know what is about first. From the title "A Psalm of Life" and the repetition of the word "life" over and over again, Longfellow makes his topic obvious. He, as the "young man", tells the reader what he thinks the meaning of life, that is, to make the most of each day

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1122 words - 5 pages especially among the best thinkers of our race who ponder the meaning of life and in turn its relation to everything around us. These people asked the hard questions like what is existence. Tom Stoppard most likely wrote Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead to get people thinking as well as he is one of the preeminent philosophers of our generation. Some of the main points Stoppard highlights in his play are the want for humanity to know its

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