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Meaning to Life

Is there a meaning to life? First, to clear up any misunderstandings in the next few paragraphs you are about to read, I shall explain a few things. I am not talking about the individual people in our lives, that mean so much to us, or individual lives. That is a whole other matter. What I mean by the "meaning of life", is the greater picture. There are people all over the world, doing their own thing, living their own lives, in their own areas. Is there a point to this? The people themselves, benefit from learning and having experiences while they're alive, but then they die, and all they have accomplished, ends. Then the process begins all over again with the next generation. So one purpose for life is established. We are here to reproduce. It has been genetically coded into us, and with little prompting, we continue to produce tiny versions of ourselves. But, is there a POINT to this? Well, I solemnly believe not. Some people say the point of life, is to have fun and make others happy. Righto then. Sure, that's a good thing to do, I don't disagree with that. But in terms of the big picture, what does it exactly accomplish? A person lives their life, has fun, and perhaps has the knack of making lots of other people happy in the process, then that person dies. And so eventually, do all the other people they brought happiness to. And through different generations come people who have the same philosophy....same thing, just happening later in time, with different people. Nothing has been accomplished...So, this obviously cannot be the point of life, unless it's inventor has the same intellect as that of pond scum. I would like to think otherwise, so I am interested in finding another answer. Other people believe that God is the point of life. God gives us a booklet of rules and regulations, for us to be eligible to receive his personal 'attention'. We respect his wishes and act accordingly, as to how we believe he would like us to act. Then, it is thought, he looks after us and takes care of us. I find this theory hard to grasp...God, usually, is seen as this great celestial being, that is far more advanced and powerful than any person here on Earth. He has these 'talents' and powers by simply...not being one of us. So, there's God....Way up there, looking down upon us. Earth must seem like a little ant farm to him. If he's up there, looking down and watching over us, how is it so many horrible things happen in the world? Some of you may say it's because the people that these things happened to, weren't behaving how they should have been, how God would have liked them to. Or that God allows us to make choices, good or bad. Ok, then that would mean to me that God is an unforgiving and unsympathetic, celestial meanie. Why should he watch us create misery, see wars break out, while he remains aloof, superior and more powerful than us? I say that's unfair. Perhaps one reason for him would be, because it's more 'fun' to us be so...

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