Meaning To Life, Ability To Die Or To Live Forever Phil 101 Essay

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According to me, life is given to us to experience it and death is the ultimate
experience a human can have. We live to solve a purpose and the memories we
create brings meaning to it. So if I get an opportunity to choose, I wouldn't be
tempted to live forever and accept death as it comes.
As said by Susan Wolf “if there is no meaning to life, even if, that is, life as a
whole has no purpose, no direction, no point, that is no reason to doubt the
possibility of finding and making meaning in life – that is no reason” According to me,
we are born with no purpose but the memories we create brings meaning to it.
Susan Wolf has summarized life as the experience of creating memories. She starts
with asking a basic question of what life means and if this question is actually valid,
as one is born for the search of it. She explains that the question wouldn't stand
alone unless we consider a possibility of a higher power like god. God who we
consider as created everyone would have created each human for a purpose to
solve. She then goes on asking if which I believe is subjective to each person that
what actually brings meaning to life. After her different analogies and examples to
explain, she made it clear that meaning to life is subjective to what you interpret
important to consider in your memories. If we want to live a life where there is no
final destination but only karma then thats what defines your life and if you consider
that there is a sole purpose which completes after death then thats what brings
meaning to your life. She was clear to explain that people are open to explore what
brings meaning to them and even if there isn't anything then that is you live for.
As said by Thomas Nagel in his writing “On the one hand it can be said that
life is all one has, and the loss of it is the greatest loss one can sustain” We as living
beings are born flawed where we consider death as something painful or bad. The
temptation to live forever looks like an escape to us from that pain but Thomas
Nagel was very straight forward to a the fact that if consider life and death as equal
then both experiences would actually sum up one life. He explains on going that
human considers anything leaving us as a loss and something negative but forgets
that when is dead, he is still living...

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