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Meaningful Use Essay

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Meaningful Use (MU) is defined as a healthcare provider’s usage of certified EHR technology in a way that can be measured largely in quality and in quantity. By establishing meaningful use using an Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) certified EHR program; healthcare providers can collect stimulus money, as arranged through the HITECH act of 2009. MU is designed to improve healthcare quality, efficiency, safety, and help to reduce health disparities. Also this helps to maintain privacy and security of patient healthcare information. (EHR Incentives & Certification, 2014)
The objectives of meaningful use will take form in three stages, to be rolled ...view middle of the document...

This is the second of five health policies of main concern that aims to progress patient’s comprehension of their health and health related conditions so that they may take a more dynamic role in their own healthcare. (HRSA, 2014)
This program also encourages the patient’s families to become more involved, because many people depend on the support of their loved ones. Implementing meaningful use of electronic health records also help to involve the patient and the patient’s family in making informed healthcare decisions and managing their own healthcare.
You might be wondering why it’s so important to involve patients and their families in one’s healthcare. This is mostly because it is improving the patients’ health results. Patients who become well-versed of their medical condition have a higher chance of complying with their physicians recommended treatment plan. This also allows them to better communicate significant health information to their doctors, which help providers come up with a diagnosis and future care plans.
Besides enhanced health results, active participation of patients and families can help to lower overuse and underuse of medical services, and decrease health care costs. An example of this would be a patient who has multiple providers. If this patient has copies or access to their medical records such as immunizations, they can show these medical records to their doctor and avoid duplicate or unnecessary lab tests or procedures. Providers using electronic health records are finding them to be a major asset and a benefit to the company. The reason for this is the program increases the practices efficiency and decreases the staff’s workload so that they may work on other duties. (HRSA, 2014)
The meaningful use objectives in stage one will help you in providing patients and their families with health care information and clinical summaries so...

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