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Ways Of Raising Children In East Is East And The Bluest Eyes

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Most parents say that their children are the best things they could ever have in the world. There is no way they would trade their children for anything; not even for the most expensive thing ever exist. No wonder they are willing to do and give anything just to make their kids happy. However, apparently, not all parents feel the same way. They might still love their children but showing their affections in different ways; through strikes, harsh words or appalling attitudes, for example. This kind of unusual parents-children relationship can be seen in East is East and The Bluest Eyes. Both of them tell the story on how the parents treat their kids differently than most parents do; and they do it because they have their own reasons.In East is East, George Khan, as the father, is the one who treat his kids badly. He strikes his children for no exact reasons and often pushes his children to do what he wants them to do; no matter whether they like it or not. He never listens to his children. He only forces them to do what he thinks the right thing (i.e. arranged marriage, Koran lesson at mosque) to make his children a good Moslem and Pakistani; he does not even care of what his children think of them. No wonder his children give him a nickname as Genghis Khan, a dictator, "Oi, Romeo. Genghis is back!" (p.67) and often think him as a bastard (p.123). Tariq said, "...He's never gonna give a shit about how we feel or what we think. 'I am your father, you are my son, you do as I say'..." (p.82)However, he forces them because he has his own reasons: to live under the Pakistani and Moslem traditions and to be accepted in his Pakistani community. He wants his family to be viewed as a good Pakistani family. He thinks that by forcing his children to become good Pakistani Muslims, he can look better in the eyes of other Pakistanis. After he knows that Sajid has not been circumcised yet, he feels so ashamed and complains "He makes a bloody show of me...., now how can I looking Mullah in a bloody face..." (p.20). Another example we can take is when his family goes to Abdul Karim's house in Bradford. He with his children and other Pakistani friends are listening to the radio together. When the Pakistani national anthem fills the room and his children show no sign of singing the anthem, while the others stand to attention on the anthem, George scolds them to sing. When his children tell him that they do not know the words, George says "Then all baster hum!" (p.44) because he fears the condemnations of others seeing his children cannot sing their own national anthem. Over and over again, George shows his feeling of not wanting his children to make a fun of him. "I hope that boy not embarrass me." (p.59). He blames Meenah for wearing sari when Shah Family comes to their house even though he is the one who told her to wear it. That is just because Mrs. Shah shows her disapproval of that sari. Ella tells Nazir, her son who run away from his wedding, "Don't you...

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