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Solution To Electronic Junkyards Essay

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The electronic junkyard as yahoo news quite nicely framed it, has an exotic display of millions and millions of electronics and electronic parts (dubbed “e-waste”), some recyclable others junk. The recent surge of electronics has people bewildered on the newest craze or the newest design of the iPhone. Even though technologically, we, the small number of people who have some experience and comprehension of electronics understand that these new “craze” products have nearly similar technical hardware then their predecessor versions. Hence it is irrational (even as the name suggests, “craze”) to purchase the newer models. This so-called eradication (so the consumers think) of these old electronics and purchase of newer models are all due to human vanity or in many cases greed. It is almost impossible for these masses to subdue their greed and vanity and instead, rely on almost perfectly functioning “older” electronics.
Statistically, US alone is the leading country in the volume of high-tech trash with 30 kilograms per person and 9.4 million metric tons of e-waste per year. Followed by China with 7.3 million metric tons yearly. The global average, about 7 kilograms per person. This e-waste as a result, leads to substantial economical, ecological, and perhaps even infringe problems. Aside from the detrimental effects on the environment, another problem lies in the advances of virtual technology. Games, operating systems, and even web applications require far greater processing speeds and power. The result, more advanced and far sophisticated hardware and software is required for many gaming consoles, computers, and mobile devices.
The most pragmatic solution to e-waste or any other waste is to recycle. The typical American possesses a TV, personal computer, mobile phone, and perhaps even a tablet. Now, the average build and release of products for major...

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