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. Meanwhile, Criminal Activity Is A Dumper Of The Goals Of Zimasset. Msu Psychology 2.2 Research Paper

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Mercy MCP 705
QUESTION: ZIMASSET is consistent with Community Psychology’s theme of social transformation of marginalised people’s life. Meanwhile, criminal activity is a dumper of the realisation of the goals of ZIMASSET. How can you as a Community Psychologist apply Community Psychology’s philosophy, principles and strategies to combat and prevent crime for the realisation of the ZIMASSET goals?
Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation, in short ZIMASSET, is a plan designed by the government of Zimbabwe to create and increase economic growth and wealth creation for the people of Zimbabwe. It is projected to be in use for the period starting October 2013 to December 2018. This means that it is a five year plan. Its mandate is to provide equal opportunities and empower the citizens of Zimbabwe. This will be achieved by using the vast human and natural resources that are in abundance in our country Zimbabwe.
In a nutshell Zim-Asset is a drive for socio-economic transformation that is sustainable. The objective of Zim-Asset is to provide an enabling environment for sustainable economic empowerment to social transformation to the people of Zimbabwe.
This paper seeks to explain how a Community Psychologist would apply community psychology philosophy, principles and strategies to combat and prevent crime for the realization of the ZIMASSET goals. The writer will look at the different areas in the ZIMASSET plan and examine it in line with the theme of social transformation of marginalized people in Community Psychology.
Kloos et al. (2012) describe Community Psychology as being concerned with developing programmes that empower communities to remedy difficulties of living which are linked to lack of resources and political equity. Minkler, Wallerstein and Wilson (2008) define empowerment as any social process that allows people to gain mastery over their lives and their community. This is in line with ZIMASSET's vision which is "Towards an Empowered Society and a Growing Economy."
The execution of ZIMASSET is also guided by the mission "To provide an enabling environment for sustainable economic empowerment and social transformation to the people of Zimbabwe.” in other words, the plan is geared to provide a better economic environment by empowering the people of Zimbabwe and changing the current economic situation for the better. This also means that even marginalized communities will benefit. Feldman (1993) mentions that criminal behaviour can be as a result of asymmetrical power in society. Those who are poor steal from the rich because they are the ones who have what the poor do not. This is a concern to a community psychologist as he advocates for a balance of poor in the society.
ZIMASSET seeks to address the issue of asymmetrical power by consolidating the gains brought by the Land Reform, Indigenisation and Economic...

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