Evaluate The Importance Of Food In Como Agua Para Chocolate With Direct Reference To Both The Narrative Form And Content Of The Novel.

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Evaluate the importance of food in Como Agua Para Chocolate with direct reference to both the narrative form and content of the novel.Food and love two things humans cannot live without. This book deals with both, at times it is hard to differentiate between the two. Tita our protagonist is indelibly linked to the kitchen and all it's parts that make up her own world where she is destined to spend most of her life.This essay will discuss the importance of food in Como Agua Para Chocolate.The food in this book makes it totally different from any other romance novel and the device of treating the book as a cook book serves to parody ' Novelas Rosas '. The book is split into 12 monthly chapters each one starting with a recipe. This immediately sets the book apart from a normal ' Novela Rosa ' as it firmly anchors the chapters around domesticity and obviously cooking. These monthly instalments divide the book into distinct episodes thus directly affecting the narrative and the content of the novel. The recipe ingredients are given in a very formal presentation as per a normal cooking book. The most fascinating aspect of the recipes is the ' Manera de hacerse '. Tita's recounting of events is directly influenced by her sensations caused by the food she is preparing.Titas emotional involvement in the preparation of the food also causes some weird and wonderful effects on those who consume it and are thus consumed by it. The consumption of food prepared by Tita brings out a lot of magic realist episodes in the story as Tita's emotions are so strong they diffuse into the food and are received by those who eat it, causing the weird and wondrous effects.Food is the first element we encounter at the start of the story. Titas great niece is recounting a recipe and more importantly the method of one of the recipes in Tita's book. This shows that food is used as a metaphor for traditions and customs. I believe also that food is an integral part of identity. We associate certain foods with certain groups, socially economically and geographically. We can assume from the foods consumed in the story and the effort that goes into it that The De Graza family has the money and the time to indulge in good food therefore they must be rich.Tita wrote the book to pass on her knowledge that she had received from Nacha who in turn had received the knowledge orally from a long line of cooks, ' Though she didn't know how to read or write she knew everything there was to know about cooking ' (P. 10). Tita also uses her book as a diary to note events. The event given most prominence as a physically noted event is in March when Tita's love and passion transmitted in the quail in rose sauce turns Gertrudis into a rose scented beacon of unbridled passion signalling to the nearby Juan to come and get her. Tita served this dish every year as a tribute to Gertrudis escaping the ranch and notes in her book, ' Today while we were eating this dish Gertrudis ran away... ' (P.56). This...

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