Measuring A Hotel's Quality Of Customer Service

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Measuring a Hotel's Quality of Customer Service

It is quite difficult to measure the quality of a service, because the
satisfaction of the customer depends on many intangible factors and
psychological features.

The principal methods to evaluate services are: SERVQUAL, Gap
Analysis, Tolerance zone and Walking Audits.

We are going to explain this methods and study if we could apply them
to the hotel.


It is a multiple-item scale named SERVQUAL, which measures the five
dimensions of service quality.9

The dimensions are:

- Reliability.

- Responsiveness.

- Assurance.

- Empathy.

- Tangibles.

This method consists of two sections, the initial section and the
second section.

The first one is for collecting customer’s expectation for a class of
services, and the second one collects the customer’s perceptions for
a particular service firm.

The service quality is calculated from the differences between the
ratings that customers assign to paired expectation and perception

For the Lewis Partnership this method in our opinion is not adequate,
because they need concrete information of the customers of the service
they offer

§ Gap Analysis

This method consists in the measurement of the gap between expected
service of the customer and the perceived service.

The information is collected through a questionnaire which the company
sends or facilitates to their customers, so they can receive the
expected feedback.

GAP 1 appears when the Management doesn’t understand how their
customers formulate their expectations, based on a number of sources:
experiences with the company and its competitors, personal needs,
advertising and the...

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