Measuring People's Performance For Selection Purposes And Suggest How These Might Be Overcome.

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When measuring people's performance for the purpose of selection there are a number of key issues involved. The first section of this essay will explain these issues before explaining how they can be overcome in the second section. The final part of this essay will deal with the advantages and disadvantages of using the interview method as a selection tool, before concluding the main points.Human resource selection is a process that requires the measurement of candidates to enable accurate decision making in making an appointment. The goal of the selection system is to select individuals who will perform well on the job. The system must be as fair and accurate as possible and must use reliable and valid measures of job applicant characteristics.One issue in measuring performance for selection purposes is the reliability of the tests used to measure the individuals. The term reliability refers to the consistency of the selection and assessment process in giving the same results and this can be with similar sets of people or with the same people over a period of time. If the tests used are unreliable then the sample will contain systematic and random errors. A test score is consistent (and therefore reliable) if random error is low and there are minimal fluctuations in observed scores. The ideal situation is for the test scores to be free from systematic and random error. There are three main methods of assessing reliability each using the correlation coefficient as the index of reliability with 0.8 or higher being considered good. The three methods are:* Test-retest - This method examines the consistency of a selection tool over time. The correlation is computed between the time 1 score and the time 2 score. This correlation is called the coefficient of stability.* Parallel forms - This method of assessing reliability is appropriate when two versions of the same selection tool are used. The correlation between scores for form A and form B of the test. The correlation is called the coefficient of equivalence. When two different interviewers interview the job applicant and each rate them separately on a number of dimensions, the interviews can be viewed as parallel forms of the same interview test. The correlation between the two evaluations is known as inter-rater reliability.* Internal consistency - This method is similar to the parallel form method except that individual items on a selection tool, rather than the whole tool is assessed for their equivalence to each other. This type of reliability helps to assess whether all the items on a test are testing for the same trait or ability that is whether they are internally consistent.(Fischer, Schoenfeldt and Shaw, 1990)Each method of assessing reliability provides different information about the types of error that may affect a particular type of test. To cover all possible sources of error the use of multiple methods may be necessary. Reliability serves as the foundation upon which the validity of...

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