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Measuring Personality For Use In Career Development

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Do you think that personality tests are valid and useful in determining your career? Often disputed, the usefulness of these personality tests are needed as evidence to guide individuals in deciding their career. Having knowledge of your personality type, gives insight on what field of work you would most likely enjoy or feel comfortable in doing. There are various reasons why personality tests are greatly beneficial and these key aspects will be specified and analyzed.
There are multiple purposes for personality testing and the results of the test helps someone learn about their type of personality, how to understand the actions of others, and appropriate career choices and jobs. The test promotes self-reflection, insight on the human mind, and knowledge of unknown characteristics and traits of oneself. Personality tests have the ability of teaching an individual what sort of people they would most likely get along with and work well with. Additionally, jobs may use personality testing during the hiring process as a tool to recruit or place people in similar groups to perform well with one another (OgalloFilled, G. 2013).
Based on the Myers-Briggs personality test, my personality is best described as ESFJ. The meaning for the letter E/extraversion means that I have an extroverted disposition and I am mainly concerned with the feelings and thoughts of others. The S/sensing means that I tend to focus more on the present than the future and the information I choose to perceive is more so concrete than theoretical. The letter F/feeling is defined by stating my decisions are made on personal emotions which are heavily affected by the impact of people. The last letter J/judging specifies that I plan things accordingly in order to be organized and in control of my environment (Myers-Briggs).
The description of the entire personality type states that ESFJs are caregivers. They prefer heavily structured environments and take responsibility very seriously. This type of personality has the ability to make anyone feel good about him or her because they are warmly interested in others and they are perceived as a people’s person. Their outgoing and energetic demeanor causes them to change their behavior to whomever they are around at the moment. ESFJs are tenderhearted and loyal which makes them dependable people and they always get the job done, no matter what their task tends to be. They use their sensing and judging as a tool to gather details about people and utilize these details as supportive judgments of others. Family, friends and meeting new people bring out the best in ESFJs and they take pride in tradition and keeping contact with love ones (BSM Consulting).
Although ESFJs have remarkably positive characteristics, there are a few negative traits as well. Since the value system of ESFJs is externally defined, their morals and values are mostly impacted by the opinions of other people. They place entirely too much focus on...

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