Meat The Truth: The Humane Problem

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The world has different views on whether it is ethical to eat meat. The most important moral should be that the animals are being treated humanely before and during the slaughtering process. Customers who eat meat need to know that the meat they are buying does not come from mistreated animals. Customers should be buying their meat from small farms or larger companies that promote cruelty-free production. Broiler chickens are kept to a point they can barely walk and hens are piled in a small cage with a half-dozen more hens. These hens end up eating their own cage partners, rubbing their breasts against the wire to the point they are bleeding and 10 percent of hens do not even survive these ...view middle of the document...

Grandin states, “It’s not just a question of building a stress-free path for animals going to slaughter; there needs to be constant and vigorous oversight of employees to prevent cruel treatment from happening” (2). Supervision needs to be a priority in slaughterhouses to make sure the animals are not suffering or being mistreated by the employees who handle these animals.
When customers do not buy from places that sell mistreated animals, customers are standing up for these animals and if more customers followed this approach there would be more cruelty-free places to buy meats and eggs from. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, chef, farmer, and writer confirms, “That the end of responsibility, what the actions constitutive of the virtue of responsibility are directed to, is care for the animals’ welfare and recognition that domestic animals raised for meat are still living creatures that need to be cared for, valued, and respected” (90). A way for customers to know they are getting animals raised properly is seeing that the meat has threads of fat in it, because by buying lean meats means it came from an animal that was not raised to a stage of
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maturity. Lean meats show that the animals were raised quickly so they could go to slaughter. This process of seeing fat in the meat is called marbling and these animals were raised to a proper age of maturity.
There is a Farm Animal Welfare Committee in the United Kingdom government in the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. This committee believes in the Five Freedoms for the animals’ welfare, because an animal’s welfare should be that their physical and mental states are not endangered. The Five Freedoms promotes for the animals to not have to go through any unnecessary suffering. Animals need to be taken care of humanely...

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