Mech In Our Life Essay

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l. i-tccupatiouai Sefefy and Health standardo* (tlSHS) II. Roie of Supervisors in Saleg U. Personal Protective Equipment N NI achine Guartling $i orkinq
-cnlel'r. v;ith X,I achirrrs
V. Boiler \rI. Amrnonia Hazards VIL Heating, Ventilating and AilJonditioning iHi,'AL]i VU. Rule 1170 Untired Pressura Vessels f{. R.ule 118'0 Internal.Comtrustion EnginB '' - X. Rule ll90 Steam Turbine X[ Electricnl Safetv X[ Fire Satety Xm. Revisetl Fire Code of the Philippines of 2tt08 XN. Rule 1100 Gas and Electric V,reldinq and Cutting '.;p+rations .l:V. Rule 1220 Elevators ancl Reiated Equiliut,-rnt XVL Idachine Shop Laboratory SateGuidelines XVtr. Job Hazard Anal,vsis XVIII. C onstruction Safety Xtt. Accident Investigation XX. Earthquake XXt Working Places, Ladders and Scaffolding XXtr. Annual Work Accidental. Illness Exposure Data Report
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t4l l4.l l5i 161

RULE IO4O HEALTH AND SAFEW COMMITTEE 1041 Gencral Requirsmsnts 1M2 Typ€s and Compositim of ilealth and Saiety Commitlee 1043 Dutres cf the Health and Safety Committee 1044 T6rm of Office of Members 1045 Duties ct Employers 1046 Duties of Workers l(X7 Ddies of the Safety Man 1048 Other Types of Safely Organizations
1 051 Dofinitios 1052 SIEid Prcvisim 1 053 Rapo.l Raguircmrnt! 1054 Kspin0 o, R@dt 1055 Evalution ol Oebuily 1056Mowl dPcrtq|m@
RULE I(x'O GENERAL PROVISION 1@rPt@I@Mful@Mtu&.dEnrdffit 1q Sfl tup@n ilc.tlion.nd R.vr6w 1m5 l)1G d Empby.B Workdsail tr, Pdss 1m Cmtunt.lty ol TEd6 S€r6E
RTJLE tOtO OTHER SAFETY RULES 10ll PMrisdb d Re 1fi2 srbr R,b l0l3 H.ze6 Wdrdr6
RULE IOM REGISTRATION 1021 hsd ProEon 102 R4bnabl. Uil 1m Pd ot R{btats 1ea R{bHon
lBl T.ihiq Pqm 1@ffi l@T#sdPffidCstrdiilil 1801 Offi&n d. Sdlty cffiil
By virtue of the powers vested in the Department of Labor and Employment under Article 162 ol the Labor Code of the Philippines, this Occupational Safety and Health Standards is hereby promulgated for the guidance and compliance of all concerned. This body of standards rules and regulations shall herearter be referred to as "Standards"
The olr-ciive of this Standard is to protect every workingman against the dangers of injury, siciiness or death through safe and healthtul working conditions, thereby assuring the conservation of valuaLle manpower resouices and the p, evention of loss or damage to lives and properties, consistent with national development goals and with the State's commitment for the total development of every worker as a complete human being. This Standards shall apply to all places of employmen+except oi:.3r.vise provided in this Standard-

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