Mechanism Report On Cable And Dsl Modems.

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SUBJECT: Mechanism ReportWORDS: 663Cable and DSL ModemsSince the creation of the Internet, home users have always craved power. The only thing available was ISDN and the traditional 56k modem. With the release of cable modems and the discovery of DSL technology, the Internet can be navigated at blazing speeds.Cable Modem: TYPESCable modems were introduced in 1995. There are three types of them, external, internal and interactive setup box. The external modem is a small box that is connected to the computer. The installation of an Ethernet card is required for this type. Since it connects to the computer by a USB port, the installation is very easy.The second type, internal, is directly inserted into a slot on the motherboard called the PCI bus. This particular modem is only available for PC use and not Macintosh. Upgrades may be needed to synchronize a user's computer. Some Internet service providers may not support internal modems.The last type, interactive setup box, relies on the TV to display output. No catches involved with this type.Figure 1- Cable Modem SystemPARTSA cable modem has a complex process of operation. It is made up of a tuner, demodulator, burst modulator, MAC, interface, and CPU.TUNERThe tuner plugs directly into the modem. It's responsible for letting signals pass through it. These signals communicate with the PC and the modem itself.DEMODULATORThe demodulator analyzes the receiving signals.BURST MODULATORThe burst modulator feeds the tuner with signals. Also it decodes information hidden in the signals.MACThe MAC is a control mechanism which sits between the transmit and receive paths.INTERFACEThe interface is simply data coming from a user's PC.CPUThe user's CPU is used only to assist external cable modems.DSL: TYPESDSL has been around since 1998. There 9 types of DSL and some are in production.VDSL is still in...

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