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Medea Short Essay

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Deception and manipulative motives don’t get you anywhere, but back to square one. You are angry and feel betrayed, so you become deceiving and manipulative, but soon the tables will turn and people will see you for who you are. The lights come on and your true self is revealed and you lose the people closest to you. Medea was betrayed, someone left her, she became deceiving, people saw her true colors, and she ended up alone. Medea always gets what she wants and people don’t realize that. She doesn’t know any other way to communicate with people without manipulating them at the same time. The façade of being clever only lasted for so long until the community realized Medea is conniving.
Medea uses two rhetorical devices in her conversation with King Creon. During this scene Creon enters with his attendants declaring he will exile Medea from his land. The first rhetorical device is logos and that is used when Medea persuades people by the use of reasoning and using supporting evidence. Logos is a very effective strategy because one uses facts, statistics and other sources to support their claim. After Creon orders Medea to leave with her two children, Medea says, “What is your reason, Creon, for banishing me?” (281). Medea is so straight forward with her question that way nothing is lost in translation. Asking Creon a question like that makes him question himself and makes him question his actions. Creon continued by saying he is afraid of her and of her wicked plans. Medea acts as if she doesn’t understand why anyone would be afraid of her especially a king. She even states, “You gave your daughter away to the man you wanted. Oh, certainly I hate my husband, but you, I think, have acted wisely” (309-311). She indirectly is applauding Creon for doing what is best for his daughter and reassuring Creon that she doesn’t blame him for her marriage failing. Medea supports her claim by clearly stating that Creon wasn’t the one who left their marriage, it was Jason who ruined her life. Medea is very good with words because Creon really wants to believe her, but he keeps having second thoughts. Medea states that she is clever and she can’t help the way she was born. King Creon is supposed to be strong and powerful, yet he is merciful and indecisive. Logos is an efficient strategy because the facts that she is throwing at Creon is making him second guess the decisions he is making; one decision being exiling her out of his land right away.
The second rhetorical device Medea uses is pathos and that is used when Medea wants to persuade Creon by using emotion and trying to gain his sympathy. When Creon begins to question if she is actually being gentle or not, Creon says, “By no matter of means...

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