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Technology And Game Design Essay

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Technology is continuously developing, our desire of exploring, expand, and invent make us go beyond our limits in moral, values, and the sciences. Some industries are developing and expanding knowledge faster than the others like the case of NeuroGaming business.This emerging technology will allow game designers to have a better understanding of the controllers and the experience of their players. Therefore, games designer will create a game that will push the boundaries of reality in ways that haven’t been seen before.
Zack Linch is the founder and executive director of the Neurotechnology Industry Organization. This company has 50 years doing research about how the brain science is and how will change the world in the future (Z. Lynch 2014). This company has helped thousand of people with distinctive brain damage and other illness. Zack came up with this new idea to connect the nervous system with the virtual gaming world (Z. Lynch 2014).
Another element of this new technology is that people will have a sense of smell, picturing yourself lying on the couch watching football and been able to smell the scent fresh of green grass (Helsinki Business Hub, 2013).
This emerging technology will take place in about five years (NeuroGaming Conference and Expo, 2014). The cost new emerging technology will be reasonable because of the inexpensive sensors, the processing power, and the lightest bandwidth. The idea and the model were created in 2013 (NeuroGaming Conference and Expo, 2014). This new technology will include a player heart rate, brain waves, pupil dilation, hands and body gestures, and emotional state that will determine the compelling experience of the game play (NeuroGaming Conference and Expo, 2014).
The unique thing about this product is that the technology adapts to the game to the human nervous system direct. The want to combine sciences, technology, and Virtuality with gaming, allowing the gamer to experience fear and fun. NeuroGaming wants to allow a game designer to understand, know, and control the experiences of the players. As I mentioned before, this will cross boundaries in science and technology. This company developed a computer software that can extract data from your brain and body, and send it to the game. A technology to help military propose(NeuroGaming Conference and Expo, 2014). The graph of the software will show them where the designer should focus on the game.
Comparing these two industries, today’s industry is limited by the control, inputs, and the basic movement. The brand-new business wants to add new movement, gesture, and motion that will benefit this technology when is in the market. The controls of this new game will be multi-dimensional. With 6-axis controller called Razer Hydra that will integrate in the mag as portal allowing an easier drag, move, and rotate objects in space (V. Pillsbury’s 2013).The sensor and the motion control will detect every movement that gamer will do from a...

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