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Wrong place, Wrong time
The man stood there with a gun in his hand aiming directly at me. My heart began pounding with fear on the apprehension of what was about to happen. His eyes were that of a killer, full of hatred and revenge. Feeling helpless as a fish out of water, I stood there hoping it was a dream. Adrenaline began to rush through my veins as I stood there for what seemed to be years.
A Few minutes prior on the junction of Alondra and Cornuta in the city of Bellflower, located 5 miles east of Compton, I was purchasing a few items with my girlfriend Natasha at a liquor store.
"Total is $8.94," said, the store cashier. I handed him the money, received my change and left ...view middle of the document...

"Watch out, get back!” I shouted, as I grabbed her by her arm and pulled her behind me. As it stopped abruptly right in front of me, I could see through the heavily tinted driver window, two males who appear to be looking at me.
After a few moments, the driver rolls the window open. "What's up homie, what are you doing on my street" he asked. From the looks of his eyes, I can see that he was under the influence of drugs as they were bloodshot. I was somewhat caught off guard as I didn't respond for a few seconds as he stared directly in my eyes, not knowing what would be the right thing to say in the situation. At first I thought it was just somebody who was messing around with me.
I didn't see the seriousness of the situation until the driver opened the door, reached under the car seat, stepped out and pulled out a hand gun. He was tall about 6'1, appeared to be Hispanic with tattoos covering 80 percent of his skin. "I'm talking to you," he said pointing the gun directly at my face. The strong odor of marijuana raced through the door and into the air. After seeing the gun Natasha screamed and stood behind me with fear in her breath.
"This is my neighborhood, 18th street runs this block", yelled the gunmen in front of me. As soon as those words came out of his mouth I realized I was being randomly targeted for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.
18th street is a mainly Hispanic gang which has influence in the Los Angeles county area. They are known to commit violence towards African Americans and also towards their own race.
As I turned around for a brief moment to look at Natasha, the gunmen yelled "look at me when I'm talking to you punk, show me some damn respect". Fearing for my life I quickly turned back to face the gunmen. I still haven't said a word this whole time fearing that anything I said would tick him off.
I didn't know why I was being targeted, could it be for the color of my skin or could it be because I was a black guy with a Mexican girlfriend. I didn't know, but what I knew was that this person in front of me had nothing to lose and he could pull the trigger any moment now. In the back of my mind, I was...

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