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Media Affect On Today’s Youth Essay

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Media plays a strong hand in raising a child in this day and age. Youth are easily influenced and with certain steps taken someone could make actions of unsavory morals into a common idea in the mind of children. This is a major problem today as we hear on the news of children intentionally committing crimes as big as murder. Kids are experimenting with drugs and alcohol at an earlier age and there is even a show dedicated to teen moms on MTV. Of course, media is not the only force at fault here as peers and parents are just as much to blame as media. The media is full of violence, sex and the use of addictive substances, today’s youth witness more media than most individuals and as a result will want to imitate what they see and see it as a result to their problems or even think of violence, sex and the use of drugs and alcohol as a usual occurrence that has no real negative outcome.
Television is the biggest outlet for violence in today society. Households that lack a television are few and far between. Of the households that have a television and a child, the average child watches twenty-eight hours of television a week, more than the time we spend in school..., by the time they turn eighteen children have witnessed approximately two-hundred thousand acts of violence and sixteen-thousand murders (beresin, We have all imitated something we’ve seen as children. Acting like we can fly after watching a superman movie, or watching an action movie and redoing a scene with friends, but recently there have been instances where a teenager would be inspired by a show and commit a crime in a similar fashion to what they saw. A twenty year old in L.A. stole a woman vehicle while she was in it and crashed it into others cars. He tells police he was just “trying playing the game “Grand Theft Auto” in real life.” When young children to college students have been exposed to daily doses of violence from the media for majority of their life, and is not taught the difference between real world and media, is their still a shock when an individual, no matter how calm and collected, responds to problems of life, like, being cheated on and treated unfairly with extreme aggression and violence.
The internet can have just as bad of an influence on teens as television. In recent years it’s become a trend to record fights between two individuals and post them on social media sites such as, Facebook, Youtube, and World Star Hip-Hop. A teenager first response when seeing someone fighting is not to stop it, or get help, it is to take out their phone, record it and share it with the world. Social media plays a part in the spreading of these violent videos because they’re allowing the videos to be posted and spread. Fight videos are evidence in and of itself of how violent today’s youth is becoming. Some could argue that the videos have proven beneficial to a police investigation, but the thousands of other videos that aren’t being used as an investigation are...

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