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In 2006, 18 year old Devin Moore was arrested in Alabama on suspicion of car theft. The police officers brought him into the station and started booking, minute’s later Moore attacked a police officer and fled, he then grabbed the officer’s keys and got in the officers car and fled the scene. Moore had no previous criminal history. Based on the lawsuit against video games companies shortly after this incident Moore had been playing a lot of Grand Theft Auto before the killing (Dakss ). Grand Theft Auto is violent video game that stimulates stealing and killing police officers. Many video game critics blame video games for aggressive behaviors in teenagers. Video games have been a converse topic; many video game critics see gaming as a way of exposing violent behaviors to children, while others argue that video games is a simple way of art and an expression of their fantasies. In particular Henry Jerkins in “ Art Form for the Digital Age” and Karen Sternheimer in “Do Video Games Kill” discuss video games and how it is associated with violence.
Americans have brought over 215 million video games in the last year; that’s more than two video games per household. The video game industry made almost as much money from gross domestic income as Hollywood (Sternheimer199). Over the past 25 years, games have progressed and have come more realistic.

But are video games teaching our children to kill? Jerkin would argue no because computer games are a popular art, an emerging art, a largely unrecognized art, but art nevertheless .Regardless, critics still continue to target video games, as they grow more complex. Jerkin believes that the time has come to take gaming seriously as an important new popular art shaping the aesthetic sensibility of the 21st century. Jerkin sees video games as a positive advancement for our time.
Sternheimer argues that many politicians and other moral crusaders think differently of games and many see them as “folk devils”. Those who play them and those who create them have become temporary folk devils because they seem to pose a threat to our children by exposing them to violent and...

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