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The media controls society. Television is the main transmitter of social influence. The use of propaganda and the programs, preferred by the audience, give power to stations, networks, and corporation, making people incapable to think critically. The use television to mind wash society has to end. The socialization impact more children and adolescents. The effects are change in behavior and physical appearance, and mental process performance. If you are waiting for the government to reform television broadcasting, then you will die waiting. The corporations control the government as well. Do not expect anything to change, we have to change our lifestyle.
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Children who were exposed to a non-aggressive adult or no model at all had far less aggression toward Bobo (Web).
Television impacts mainly behavior, however physical alteration might occur. Long hours of television interferes in activities of better use, increase the risk of obesity and has negative effects on academic performance (Birch). A child watching television is more likely to have snacks more frequently, rather than a kid who is doing another activity. I have observe several family member and 20% of the time they are eating while watching television. The documented average television viewing time is 3 hours per day. The result don’t have a correlation yet, until it is stated that 90% of the food been consume is unhealthy food.
Even though behavior and health are gradually alter, this are not the biggest concerns. Television program our mind false ideologies do to the similarity on the programs. In his publication, Wilbur Schramm from Stanford University explains why:
Programs must be supported by commercial advertisers who pay off in return for audience to whom they can sell goods or services. Therefore, successful program commercial television is first and fore more a program that attracts a large audience. Consequently, it is dangerous for a station or a network to experiment with anything more than slight changes in tried and tested formulas for pleasing large audiences. Rather than trying new things commercial television tends to do...

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