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This is an essay which is created under the study of media and mass communication, and is basically a comparative textual analysis that will be based on two different text types (attached at the end). The first is an audiovisual advertisement that was aired on television in 2007 from the company Playskool selling Rose Petal Cottage, and the second one is a photography (also with advertisement purpose) from Dolce and Gabbana that was seen on fashion magazines during spring and summer issues of 2007. The main purpose of the commentary is to stand out the use of heavy stereotypes and gender roles in advertisements as a tool to manipulate their audience and sell their products. Also explore how enterprises apply specific formal and stylistic devices to each text type in order to advertise the things in the most efficient way.
Advertisement is aimed to create a differentiation between similar products, kind of a related association on consumers mind with a positive impact of the product that later on will have a tangible effect on consumer choice of purchase. Most of the time directed to large masses, advertisement explore the social context in which their target audience lives on, and from there use specific characteristics and elements to address their potential consumers (the elements can be either explicit or implicit). In this case, advertisement used key points from an always present topic on the societies around the world, Gender Roles and Stereotypes.
Exploring the first text type which is targeted to little girls, is easy to quickly notice the use of women ‘‘roles’’ and stereotypes throughout the video, because in this case the producers do it in a very explicit way. They show a little girl who is very happy with all the things that she does in this small representation of a house. By playing with the innocence of the actor (kid), they enhance all the things that women should do in a patriarchal society by presenting the little girl cleaning, doing laundry, cooking, taking care of the baby, etc.
Leaving aside the more explicit elements like the emotional emphasis in the girl with happy gesture or her facial expression smiling, which impacts little kids mind by the idealization of happiness making it equals to a specific toy. Is possible to look further and notice some stylistic features of the video that are not obvious at first sight. For example listening at the song played during the short scene, from a phonological level can be notice the use of devices as rhymes and alliterations on the words of the songs, which creates a strong beating rhythm to make it repeatable, catchy and therefore easy for the little girls to remember. Or the use of specific colors in the montage, actors clothe and fonts like bright pink, green, violet and yellow that are straight linked with the stereotype of girls and what is considered feminine. Also from here can be argue the fact that the level of saturation and brightness of the colors influence the...

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