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Media And Propaganda Model: Is The Media A Source Of Information Or Manipulation And Who Controls The Media?

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The role of news media is imperative to modern democratic process. For most of the people news media is a dominant source of information about the world they tell us what matters, who matters so the quality of democracy depends upon the information media provides (Lewis, 1997). If we want to understand how media works we have to look at its institutional structure for example how it is organized, who controls and funds the media (Chomsky, 1997). Now the big questions is does all the information we get from mainstream media is authentic? Or some views are dominant while others are excluded. In past 30 years there has been a large research that the media is influenced by wealthy businesses and conservative interests (Herman, 1997).
My thesis statement for this paper will be who really controls the media, through which filters media news passes and what is the credibility of information which through these filters. In this essay I will focus on the other side as well for example some people believe that the media have no choice but to depend on these filters if they want to work effectively. Herman and Chomsky (1989) present a series of five "filters" which effectively remove news from the media that could affect our current societal order and thereby protect the interests of elites. These five filters include corporation ownership, media funding sources, sourcing which includes government and large corporations, flak, and anti-communist ideology. This model suggests the existence of a set of news “filters” which dilute the raw news content into content, which suits governmental, and corporation’s interests.
The first filter is ownership these are huge corporations and media is increasingly concentrated in the hands of these private companies, owned by wealthy individuals (Herman, 1997). We used to think that these corporations that run the media as large faceless entities but actually they are run by people with opinions for very specific set of interests (Chomsky, 1997) for example Rupert Murdoch who is the CEO of news corporation when he takes over the New York post, the sun in London, his polices change markedly according to Murdoch political biases. Because he has the power over media content and he decides which news to be edited and published. They don’t allow any news to be published, which is against their interests the famous example to approve this point is a Rupert Murdoch wiretapping scandal of politicians, but it was never published in the media just because he controls media content and secondly he wants to protect his reputation. So this proves that market profit oriented forces compete with news value thus profit oriented forces always win because news corporations have to earn money.
The second filter of media propaganda is advertising it is a main source of income for media. As Magazine gets about 50% of their revenue from advertising, Press gets about 80% and Radio and T.V is close to 100%. Annually corporations pay billion of...

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