Media And Technology Representation Essay

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The movie "Where Do We Go Now?" by Nadine Labaki had won lots of awards in the Cannes Film Festival (Fares 2). The movie was thought provoking and simply beautiful. The movie was about war torn villages wherein Christians and Muslims are having personal conflicts and are plaguing the whole village at large. The conflict had mixed effect in the whole habitants of the village and the women on the movie are trying to keep off men from each other’s throat. The movie was all about the coexistence of Lebanese Muslim and Christians living in one community. The issue was felt by everyone as it was overtly done. The movie had shown the struggles face by the people in their diverse community. The ...view middle of the document...

Thus, the women of the village had thought of something that will help out in keeping people busy in more important things rather than just debates, arguments, and personal conflicts. The strategy and methodology that the women had thought was almost impossible to accomplish. However, they have made sure that every measurements and means that can be use will be exhausted in order to maintain peace and order in the whole village. The Lebanese women had become one in their goal of representing unity and harmony over the entire village and had decided to make a difference with their deeds and decisions. Actors and actresses of the movie had proven their usefulness and goodness in the movie which had contributed for the movie to become simply realistic and very beautiful. The way that the movie was executed could be highly compared with the ones made in Hollywood. The score that was used in the movie was chilling and haunting which had made the movie more wonderful that it is. The movie had also offered highly intelligent songs that were all written by Tania Saleh.
As for the script that was used for the movie, it was very effective and though considered as cliché, had managed to make the viewer’s love and appreciate the dialogues that had made them laugh, cry, and consider things tackled in the story such as family, social interactions, peace and many more. The script was strong that it had made the audience felt the emotions that were suggested in the story. The movie was like a maze that had twists and turns which all gave beauty, love, moment and enjoyment. The movie definitely deserved for its awards coming from the Toronto Film Festival. It was a story that suggests disappointment, happiness, satisfaction, contentment, struggles and many other things. The movie was something that brings out the best of the viewers and let them think about their own selves and their place in the society. It was something that changes people and provides message regarding love, peace, tolerance and beautiful thing such as friendship.
The second movie would be “Pump up the Volume.” This movie talks about the younger generation and their problems regarding teen-age rebellion, sex, drugs, and radical politics. A fanciful movie with a bit touch of romance, the movie had proven to become one of the smart and most likeable movies of the year 1990 (Holden 1). Mark Hunter was a shy, book worm teenager who has his own problems regarding his personal life and encounters with other people in Arizona. Adding to his concern was his father who had so much influence and power on their area. Because his parents had been using a homemade ham radio console, Mark had thought of operating a pirate radio station wherein he was able to completely broadcast a different character and personality named as “Hard Harry”. Hard Harry was outrageous, funny, highly cultivated but, at the same time, was a hip radio guerilla that is comedian, a commentator, a disc jockey, and an adviser. Mark...

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