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Media And The Political Process Essay

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When a person puts on the television during an election, they are making an attempt to understand the political process more and more. Although some may disagree with this statement, the media plays an important role in our understanding of the political process. The main media source that is used, especially in the United States, is the television. Without the media or television, many people might not have the appropriate knowledge, which is needed to vote, about the candidates. Therefore, the media is indeed a major aspect of the political process and is as big a part of the government as anything.Firstly, the fact is that if the media is biased towards one in particular candidate, then ...view middle of the document...

The Nixon vs. Kennedy debate was one of the reasons that Kennedy was victorious over Nixon in that election. Kennedy had that young look which seemed appealing to many and was simply more of a "people person" according to the media. His impression left many people wanting him to lead our country for the following four years. People took that "people person" characterization into consideration and Kennedy wound up winning the election over Nixon, most likely because of the media's input. Basically, the people of this country liked the personality of John F Kennedy better than Nixon and this led him to become the next president of the United States. Therefore, one could propose the question of "Would Kennedy has won the election if there were no television media interaction?"Then comes the next question. How did Al Gore's facial expressions during the 2000 Presidential debates hurt him in the 2000? Well, for instance, several media stations quickly picked up on these expressions and spread them across the world via television. The debates on television hurt Gore's chance of becoming a president because of his expressions, which swayed some "toss up peoples votes" to learn towards Bush, who didn't make any ignorant gestures. This is a point of Bush. The media also brings up important events about the laws in Florida. The laws in Florida say that when an election is close (in terms of votes), there must be a state recount, and a manual recount if requested. As the counts, recounts, and re-recounts take place, Bush and his lawyer,James Baker, have been fighting these recounts because of the turnout turning more towards Gore. Although Bush seems so strongly against the recounts, the media has turned our (the viewers') attention towards a law Bush passed 3 years ago in Texas. Hislaw also stated that there should be recounts in elections when the votes...

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