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Media Assignment Reflective Statement

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For this media assignment, I chose to create a DVD cover to an action film. Therefore, my target audience is teenage boys whose ages range from 13-18 because they take up a very high percentage of the demographics of people watching this genre of films. Since my target audience is high school boys, the main character in my movie, Bryan Radley, is 16 years old. My target audience, high school students, will be able to relate to the problems Bryan faces at school and the emotions he feels towards his teachers, his peers and his crush named Avery. By making my movie relatable by my target audience it appeals more towards them and helps them engage with this movie. I focused my formal elements of my DVD cover to appeal towards boys because although there are also girls who enjoy action movies, there are more boys than girls who watch action movies, so by making the DVD cover to appeal to boys, I get more people to watch my movie than if I directed it towards girls. The main purpose of my media creation is to persuade, and then entertain, and then inform. In the following paragraphs I will be explaining my reasoning to why I have chosen to put my purposes in this order.
The main purpose I created this DVD cover is to persuade my target audience and others to watch my film. There is no reason to create a film and spend millions of dollars if no one is going to watch it. Producers create films hoping to receive a profit from how many people watch it. Therefore, it is crucial to the producer of the movie to make sure people watch the movie. They do this by persuading the audience to watch their film. I believe that the main reason to create this DVD cover is to persuade so I made this purpose more dominant then the others. I persuaded people to buy this DVD by adding a Blu-ray, DVD and digital copy of the film in one package, so if someone has a Blu-ray player they can watch Blu-ray, but if they do not they can watch it on a DVD player. I thought it was extremely important to add a digital copy that can be transported onto the computer or any devices such as phones and tablets because many of my target audience, teenage boys, use their laptops, phone and tables more than they use their DVD player, so it is convenient for them to be able to watch movies in bed or on the go with a copy on their phone or tablet. I also persuade my target audience to buy this DVD by casting famous actors and actresses that are liked by teenagers. Tom Cruise is in a lot of action films, so a teenage boy might not be so sure if they will like the film, but they may buy it because Tom Cruise is a great actor and they enjoy watching him act. I also casted Megan Fox because she is admired by many teenage boys because they think she is very pretty and attractive. My target audience may also be fans of Dwayne Johnson, Angelina Jolie or Christian Bale, so I casted them to higher my chances of people buying my film. Although it may not seem like it, many people all ages watch...

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