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Censorship has been around since B.C. times and originated in Rome. Censorship was enforced to protect our society by not allowing explicit content to be viewed in the media. It also protects child pornography and secret government information leaks. The problem is in some cases are hard to determine on what should be censored because even though something might be explicit content it portrays the point the publisher is trying to make. On the flip some people believe that these extreme crime scenes seen in media have caused people to commit these crimes in real life. Although the article, Broadcast Decency Rules delivers a somewhat convincing and effective argument, I disagree that the media should be censored.
In the article, Broadcast Decency Rules it talks about how the government has to censor the media because the media tends to leak government information that is not suppose to be exposed. In this case the government is not violating the First amendment because the Espionage act says that any information that helps enemy gain information about the national security is a crime. The article also discusses how certain graphics such as nude scenes should not be broadcast on television or any other forms of media. The Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake super bowl performance was used as example. In this case Justin Timberlake ripped off Janet’s top and her right breast was shown on television during the super bowl in 2004. This caused a big up roar because a lot of parents complained that the exposing of her body was too much to be seen on family oriented support such as football. The station that broadcasted the performance, re showed it, and the performers were fined. The FCC has also banned certain words such as the f-bomb to be used on television after it was used on the Golden Globe Awards in 2003(Issues & Controversies on File,2004). The singer who used the word was not fined, but the word has been banned from use in media because it displays profane content. The FCC also says that they did survey on how profanity, violence, sexual content, and homosexuality and they all had a higher percentage of people that felt offended.
My opponent mentions that censorship protects the national security information from being leaked. This point was very strong because when thinking about censoring in the society safety is not really discussed. This also important because this makes it harder for opposing countries to know what weapons the United States is making. The article also says that a survey was given to determine how the society viewed different types of content that some say should not be viewed in the media. This is a good point because the society as whole we should have a say so, not just the FCC. However, the article doesn’t say how many people...

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