Media Censorship: As It Pertains To Primetime Shows

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Technology has advanced to such frankness that indecent subjects have become a parent’s worst nightmare, in particular radio and television broadcasting. We are the true censors here; most people depend on media censorship, where a regulating commission develops a standard, but more investigations should be conducted to locate a factual level of contents and decency programing being broadcast. In question are the regulatial programming of indecent material, and the reaction of the FCC to primetime network shows vs. the Wild West follies of the non-network presentations, an unfortunate reactions of broadcaster’s self-censorship of live shows, where cost vs. benefits and the utilization of V-chip technology to block content through the national rating system.
First, we have different sets of rules for network and non-network media restrictions, where broadcasters have restrictive rules for live TV shows, such as awards shows, reality television, or football games, unlike the coarseness of non-network shows, where indecency is common. Jesse Walker of the Libertarian Party offers straightforward view that the FCC [Federal Communications Commission] has little to say about the content and substance of non-network entertainment (2011). Simply stated, the “f-word” is forbidden on SNL (Saturday Night Live), but Meadow Mariangela Soprano and Anthony Jr. can use profanity throughout the HBO season of the Soprano’s. With these two widespread standards, it is good to know there is an entertainment rating system, a media censorship, which allows us to simply change the channel upon our choosing.
Accordingly, live shows have a problematical mechanism for the networks to manage, which is time delay in editing. Take the wardrobe malfunction of Janet Jackson, during a live Super Bowl halftime show in 2004, as compared to the live broadcasts of war torn fighting overseas. In each case, as technology has become prevalent, the control over the instant broadcasting has become difficult for “bleeping” or editing to occur. This type...

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