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Media Change Analysis

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From mid-fifteenth-century, an advance of printing technology (Twyman, 1998), the birth of separate re-usable letters in Europe, brings up a significant change for the media broadcasts . To suit with the change of technology and culture, the form of media is changing rapidly. From verbal to visual, form newspaper to television, it is no doubt to say that changes in media provide so much benefit to us. To share messages ‘real time’ and globally, some new media like news weblogging and youtube are existing in these 10 years because of the mature of internet technology. This paper will discuss how this media called “internet” will give a dramatically effect and impact to global within these 10 years.

The arising of new media:

The above figure indicates that users who search BBC news are increasing steadily. The flow of increasing means more and more readers try to read news online. On the other hand, it may bring up a big challenge to the ordinary newspaper because not much reader will watch both of ordinary and web newspaper.
The feature of new media:
By Online News and the Public (Bruce Garrison, 2004)2, the Palo Alto Weekly in California is credited as the first Web newspaper in 1994. Comparing with ordinary newspaper, online news is providing a more efficiency platform in presenting breaking news in a timelier manner. Reporters can upload the news every time and every where instead of ordinary newspaper, that have to print out. Also, online newspaper can help to decrease costs. Releasing online can eliminated the cost of inventory, printing and transporting.

Division between old media and new media:
To create a new tend for changing the behavior of readers, new media should have some significantly point of differences to deal with ordinary newspaper. The followings are some similarly and different between the old and media:

1) Mode:
The choice of mode (Martin, 2001)3 could simply be specified in terms of channels. Ordinary media are normally relying on newspaper, radio and television. Online media are relying on producer’s official website like BBC & CNN and News webblog (Marlow, 2004)6.

As a result, newspapers and radio are focus largely on deixis, where this is interpreted broadly to encompass tense, identification and theme because readers cannot see what the participants are doing. For television, even if they can provide visual information and engaging in dialogue to audience, lacking of broadcast time and text support restrict the content they can describe. For the online media, it can combine most advantage of ordinary media. News reporters are being taught to shoot video and to write in the succinct manner necessary for the Internet news pages.

2) Tenor:
Tenor3 is focusing on power relation (status) and alignment and affinity (contact). On other word, that is the relationship between addresser and addressee. For the power relation, rather and argumentative article, most of the media would like...

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