Media Comparative Analysis

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The progress of telecommunications systems encourages the development of new technologies which provide larger opportunities for communication and transmission of information. At the same time, one of the main trends in the development of modern technologies is the introduction of wireless devices and networks which allow the communication and transmission of data between people. In this respect, it is worth mentioning the introduction of Bluetooth technology, which opens new opportunities for wireless communication and networking. On the other hand, it has consistent limitations, which put Bluetooth in a disadvantageous position compared to other innovative technologies introduced in telecommunication and media industry, such as Wi-Fi technology. Taking into consideration the increased role of wireless technologies in the modern media and telecommunications, such technologies as Bluethooth and Wi-Fi become particularly important.Bluetooth technology provides customers with new opportunities they have been deprived of before this technology was invented. In this respect, it should be said that Bluetooth technology is basically used for wireless personal area networks. Stewart (2005, p.29) states that “customers can use this technology in their every day life mainly to connect and exchange information between devices that constitute their personal area networks”. For instance, Bluetooth technology is widely applied to mobile devices average customers use daily such as their mobile phones or computers. This technology facilitates considerably the storage and transmission of information between these devices.At the same time, it should be said that Bluetooth technology, sophisticated it seems to be, is just a short range radio frequency that does not need any licensing and, therefore, may be used freely by customers without any serious limitations concerning legislation on radio frequency. This means that this technology is accessible to absolutely all users without any limitations but, due to the fact, that it provides larger opportunities to exchange information between different devices it is growing to be more and more popular worldwide where it is spreading at a fast pace.Furthermore, it should be said that Bluetooth technology is now widely implemented in a variety of new products such as cell phones, modems, printers, and headsets. It is worthy of mention that Bluetooth technology simplifies the use of its services since it does not actually need some special knowledge or expansive software.In spite of the numerous benefits of Bluetooth technologies, it is still necessary to remember about certain problems and concerns of specialists in relation to the practical application and further development of this technology. First of all, it should be said that Bluetooth technology is short range. “As a result, the range, in which devices using Bluetooth technology can be connected and exchange information, does not exceed 100 meters...

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