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Internet marketing also called online marketing can be defined as the marketing of goods and services via the internet. This tool has brought about many benefits to marketing as it is cheap when it comes to the distribution of information and it is a media to a large audience globally. Internet marketing is interactive in nature as it provides instant response and elicits responses and this is a unique feature of the medium. Online marketing includes the management of digital customer data and electronic customer relationship management systems. It is also the placement of media along different stages of customer engagement cycle which is the engagement of customers with one another with a company. The placement is done by the use of search engine marketing, search engine optimization which refers to the process of increasing quality of traffic to a website via search engines, banner ads and email marketing.In online advertising, a company has to choose a suitable online marketing strategy. In order to benefit most from online marketing, a company has to choose the correct search engine marketing strategy. Starbucks have had a lot of success in unconventional marketing over the years but has also begun to dominate online. Lately, this giant coffee maker is putting a lot of effort and time on its online marketing campaign. This has been shown in many ways and as long as their success persists, they will continue using this strategy in the foreseeable future.One of the newest Starbucks online marketing strategies is that they use posters in six major cities to attract people towards the internet. This at first sounds silly but a closer look at the idea makes it have a perfect sense. They ask people to look out for posters in their city, photograph them and then post them in their twitter. This is a good way of making people involved in the business and also of connecting the power of both traditional and online marketing.Another online marketing strategy that Starbucks uses is banner advertising which is a marketing strategy based on the internet as opposed to magazine advertising which is paper based. Using this online marketing strategy the company pays search engines and web directories to place a banner at the top of their search pages once a particular search term is typed into the search.One of the main advantages that Starbucks gains from banner advertising is that the banner will always appear for a particular search term and stay at the top of the page of every website. Their banners are professionally produced and detailed and they tend to be attractive and this makes people click through to their website.Print media has for many companies been the popular advertising method. There are many options of print media that companies can use and these include newspapers, brochures, magazines and fliers. The main aim that makes...

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