Media Comparison: Tomb Raider And The Matrix

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Media Essay Assignment aim: To compare the first scenes if the films 'Lara Croft tomb Raider' and 'The Matrix' In this essay, I aim to compare the first scenes of the films 'Lara Croft Tomb Raider' and 'The Matrix'.I want to show how the main female characters, 'Trinity' and 'Lara Croft', appear superior to any other character, although made to appear weak at first.In 'Tomb Raider', they employ a clever use of low angle shots, and eerie music to create an atmosphere of danger and venerability.The first shot is an extreme close up of Lara Crofts eyes, but then broadens into a long shot, that shows her hanging upside down on a rope.This, along with the Arabian style music, makes her seem exotic. This leads the viewer on to think that she may be an explorer of some sort.Then, there is a close up of what we soon find out to be a computer chip, but appears to be a large jewel on a stand.After this, there is a long shot of her jumping off the rope and the viewer sees the surrounding setting for the first time. It appears to be some kind of ancient tomb or ruin.As she starts running, there is a close up of her weapon belt, equipped with guns and knifes, it then returns to the long shot of her, and we see different kinds of statues, pillars and crypts, making it look Egyptian. This also strengthens the idea that she is an explorer.Along with the cobwebs, the streams of light coming from the ceiling, portray it as very old and unstable place, although you later see that it is a part of her house used for training.The shots are all dead on, making her look neither weak nor strong, but suddenly become high angled as she approaches a wall with hieroglyphics on it, which gives the impression that something sinister is about to happen and that she is being looked down on.Immediately after, there is a abrupt crash and a large robot with many weapons such as spinning razor blades and laser guns emerges from the within wall, all of the shots on the robot are extremely low angled making it appear powerful.The next shot is from the robots point of view. The style of the shot replicates a computer program. As the robot scans Lara up and down, it hits her, the shot then returns to normal.Instantly Lara pulls out two guns from her weapon belt, and starts shooting the robot. This appears to have no effect on the machine which makes her look weak, and that her victory doubtful.All of the camera shots are either very high angled or ariel shots during the fight scene, making Lara look as if she is being watched on CCTV.Repeatedly, Lara scarcely dodges a number of vigourous attacks, but eventually, she appears to have defeated the robot.She collects the 'jewel' and as she walks towards the robot, but suddenly it tries to attack her again.This is then when you realise how powerful she is, and suddenly the camera angle changes to very low, as she puts her hand out and says "STOP!" This makes the viewer think that she is very strong and dominant, as we realise that throughout...

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