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Media Control And The Flow Of Information.

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Today's mass media is in fact filtered and fragmented, due to the interests held by the Government(s) and the huge multi- national corporations who control and operate a vast majority of the mainstream media including various Broadcast Networks. Their influence has caused political unrest in many situations and is responsible for influencing the average persons interpretation of media. Because most of the media today is specifically tailored to suit those corporations overall needs. Is it fair in the eyes of democracy and/or the freedom of speech to willingly fragment information to benefit ones self? Is the use of "Think Tanks" to alter the mainstream media having an affect on public perception and interpretation?" Communism is an enormously serviceable tool for achieving morally dubious goals under a morally acceptable cover. It is not acceptable to destabilize a country, overthrow its democratically elected government, and institute a reign of terror in order to lower taxes and wages for one's own multinational firms. It is necessary to put forward a higher moral imperative." (E. Herman, 1997)As the accessibility to the media becomes more prominent within the developed nations, technology itself has been used to manipulate the public in ways that alters some of their perceptions due to faulty if not tailored information. Bits and pieces of information are given to the public allowing the evident bombardment to eventually alter what they perceive to have priority. Referring to the "self fulfilling prophecy" in which if a person is told something enough, he/she begins to believe in it (S. Starker 1989). The fact that only a few multi national corporations own the majority of television networks and various radio broadcast stations. Corporate "Think Tanks" are used to steer media attention from news or information that could be used against their employers. Recently, a good example could be the search for "weapons of mass destruction" within Iraq, once the American government went to war with Iraq in April they have not found any substantiating evidence that Iraq had any such weapons left. Now the CIA has decided to conduct a thorough investigation of the intelligence that they had earlier presented in their defense. As soon as this was discovered CNN, ABC, and WKNY, had switched their focus from international to local news once again, leaving little or no mention of the war and how it was conducted on faulty intelligence. This shows that there are people with solely different agendas who do not really care about presenting the public with important information because these corporations are trying to sell the public something (D. Morgan, 1999).In the late 1990's Noam Chomsky had developed what's known as the "Propaganda Model", it consists of 5 layers, they are as follows: 1.Ownership, size and profit of mass media corporations: 1.Most of the mass media is controlled by huge private multi-national corporations who have their own personal profit...

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