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Media Coverage Of Canada's Literacy State

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The media coverage has been consistent throughout the last ten years. The issue receives attention from the media when their is a study released by Statistics Canada or NGOs. These studies produces reports that are covered nationally. Other parts of the issue covered nationally are events that are meant to be national such as writing contests and other events meant to be national .The rest of the media coverage is local. The issue receives attention when their are events organized around the issue by NGOs such as Family Literacy Day .A national event established by the NGO ABC Life Literacy Canada.This gives the media focus and a reason to report on the issue . The reporting on the issue has also seen a rise in attention in the last few years because of the economic down turn. NGOs the government along with corporations have connected the issue with economic development and the country being able to sustain its current standard of living .
The coverage of this issue has changed a few times in the past couple of years since around 2005 the issue has been connected with economic issues. The media coverage has shifted toward the state of literacy in the workforce and how it affects Canada's ability to compete in a global economy. A study that was reported on done by the National Literacy Secretariat said that functional illiteracy being at 42 % in the workforce costs Canada 4 billion dollars a year1. The 42% as reported is almost the same as the 40 % in a similar study done by Stats Canada in 19942. The link between poor literacy and its affect on the economy was reported on when the education ministers held a conference in 10 cities with guest speakers to bring attention to the issue of literacy and its affect on the economy. The Ministers of Education were concerned with the 42% functional literacy rate and how it could lead to negative consequences for Canada economic outlook in a knowledge based economy that requires more skills3. With the changing types of jobs that will emerge when the economy turns around their will be jobs that require the ability read and write emails and other technology that companies will be using in their businesses. The media has reported on the The literacy rate not climbing as quickly as the technological innovations that have become the norm of the last decade4. The low literacy rate affects the productivity rate of many businesses because of employees inability to do the job well and efficiently. industries such health-care and other public service will require these skills in the future.5. With the economic downturn of the past year and a half resulting in need for better literacy skills and functional literacy skills the media has focused on this issue more in recent years as statistics have made the politicians take notice. The spike in attention came at time when the standard of living in Canada and its economy are being affected by the issue directly and ...

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