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Hello, I am Michael Corsiglia with the New York Times. I have been following a story out of China where there are reports of a website that is being used to publically sell babies as a type of adoption. These are unregulated websites that are not affiliated with the Chinese government in any way. This of course brings up the question of the “one-child” policy in China. Does this policy infringe upon the basic human rights of civilians of china, especially women? Is the “one-child” to blame for websites such as these? Is being adopted through a website a better alternative to abortion or abandonment? To help find the answers to some of these questions I sat down with famous women's ...view middle of the document...

In 1868 we started the Revolutionary, which was a women’s rights newspaper that fought for “justice for all”. This was an effective way to get our word out to other supporters around the country. I often gathered petitions for women’s suffrage, and I even presented them to congress, but nothing came out of it. In 1890 I retired from the National American Woman Suffrage Association. It wasn’t until after my lifetime that we finally won the battle. But looking at it now I do not regret a single second of it. I always wished that I had another century to live to help make sure that woman would get their rights, but I am glad to see that the generation behind me was able to get the job done.

2) In 1872 you were arrested for voting during a time when women did not have the right to vote. Tell me about your decision to vote, the trial, and why you refused to pay for the fine.

“I felt that I needed to make a statement. It was with my most honest belief that I had the right to vote in a public election given to me by the fourteenth amendment, and I wasn’t going to let anyone stop me. I had finally had enough of sitting back and letting my rights be stomped on by our government. My first trial had to be moved because the judge believed that the jury might be in my favor. During the actual trial the judge didn’t even allow the jury to discuss my verdict and forced them to find my guilty. It was then that I decided that I would never pay this fine. I did not believe it to be an honest debt, and I am a woman that will pay an honest debt. This was one example of when I knew that the government and court system would do anything to stop women from gaining their constitutional rights, and I had to do whatever I could to make a change.

3) During your time as a women’s rights activist you became great friends with Elizabeth Stanton, talk to me about your relationship and how it helped you in your movement for women’s rights, and what you two were able to accomplish together.

“Well Elizabeth and I met in 1851 at the Seneca Falls Convention in support of women's suffrage. It was there that we discovered that we had very similar interests. We both knew that equal rights were not going to be given to us easily and that we would have to fight for these rights. I would have never expected that I would spend the next fifty years of my life fighting for these rights alongside this incredible woman. As I mentioned earlier we started the American Equal Rights Association together as well as the Revolutionary. Our skillsets mixed well together. She was a great intellectual and writer, and I would do most of the speeches and rallies. Both of our unique skills worked extremely well together, and this is why we were able to create such powerful organizations and have the success that we did. Even though we didn’t see any results during our lifetime I believe that together we made great strides for the woman of the United States.

4) Over the...

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