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Media In Australia And Indonesia Essay

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Television is one of the vital source from which most people receive information. Through literacy research and experimentation, it has been proved that people’s perception of reality has been altered by the information they receive from such programs. Television influences society in many ways. It is quite clear that televisions in Indonesia and Australia reflect each of their own cultural values. Many factors contribute to the similarities of the media system between these media such as Americanization and international influence, government regulation, ownership, and strong resisting culture in the programs. Besides the several factors contributing the similarities, there are other factors that contribute the differences in these media which is shown the cultural value such as classification regarding to the religious aspect and the various program and the internationalized program to other countries. This essay will discuss these factors that explain the similarities and differences between the media in Australia and Indonesia.First of all, one of the similarities that can be seen distinctively is the Americanization television and international influence in Australian and Indonesian television. Over the last decades, especially, Australian television has been influenced by the American popular culture (Wikimedia foundation inc 2006). Due to a unique mix of cultural conditions that create a transparency, the United States has a competitive advantage in the creation and global distribution (Cunningham & Turner 2000 : 165). Therefore, American tends to bring tremendously influence to the media system and cultural value. As it is characterized by the increase in American Imports, both countries have learnt about production system and culture value from and about American television style (Cunningham & Jacka 1996 : 33). In addition, both countries may create product not unlike American’s but with a cultural difference it makes a difference for program purchasers and viewers (Cunningham & Jacka 1996 : 33). There is no doubt that America has managed to spread just about everything in fashion to language to fast food to hip hop music throughout the world creating a popular culture. Noting the fact that America has brought tremendous influence throughout the world, Australia and Indonesia have become americanised. Moreover, both countries have become international influenced in both systems. The new audiovisual internationalism creates a space for cultural resonances so that viewers can recognize in their audiovisual universe signs of their environment that link with their desire, memories, and sense of place (Cunningham & Jacka 1996 : 71). For example, Australian has a popular cricket sport program which is adopted from United Kingdom, but Australian has packed this program into a better show with more interesting costume and showbiz. On the other hand, Indonesia has imported TV series from Taiwan, Korea, China, India and...

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