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Media In Our Life Is Media Harmful Or Useful For This Generation Woodbridge High School Eassy

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James Liang
Mrs. Alix
Period 2
The Media In Our Life
Media is one of the important element in our society this days, there are millions of people are using them in order to be connected to this colorful world, as the population of the media user are increasing some people start to questioning: is the media really good for our life, especially for teenagers these days. According to the research, the suicide rate of teenagers increased a lot, after the media appeared in students’ life, but media also help student communicate with their friends.
It makes me also start thinking about this question: “Is media really benefit our life orit is actually harming us invisibly. “
The media is harming this generation’s mental health. The media is harming this generation because social media is harming teenagers’ mental health in a long term. In the paragraph” Is media Destroy this generation?” it show that there are more than 53% of the teenager don’t want to join both the activities inside the school or outside the school.This means media cause the student became less active in different kind of activities , and also cause less social in their life. This will lead to a generation of little social ability and less energetic. But stay in the room don’t help teens get connected with their friends, media only will make them become more and more lonely, that is also one of the cause of the increasing of the suicide rate. Last but not least in the article” Is Media Destroy this generation?”
There is another evidence that can showed the media is harming the mental health of the teenagers. In the video” Working with the Millennials” simon sinek said:” Social Media is addictive just like drinking smoking and gambling. There is some kind of restriction to any of these above except the social media.” Media has been proven that can produce the same chemical element as drinking, smoking...

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