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In Today's society, media is in everyday life. Media is what keeps everyone's eyes glued to the television most of the time. People use media to catch up with world news or even to watch celebrities go crazy on television. Most people think that America is the fattest country simply because we sit around and watch television all day everyday. Media can be good, but it can also be used for bad which is something we see all the time especially with the paparazzi. I personally think that the media is very important, especially more than it was in the past. Media is in our life through reality shows, news, and even movies.
I kind of had my share of media in high school when I join the school news show which was called the Red Hot News. This was a form of media, we covered events and news around the school everything from sports to the lunch menu. I enjoyed doing the school news show every morning I never really realized that I was doing media, but I was. I know that the school news wasn’t like real world media, but it still showed me how involved media is in daily lives. This is part of the reason I chose to write on this subject because I have past experience with media.
Media comes in all shapes, form, and fashion. The main way media get our attention is through reality shows. Everyone one loves reality shows because it allows us to see all the drama and action without involving ourselves. I believe that everyone has that one reality show that they like to look at every now and then me on the other hand have so many that I can't really name them all. The drama is not the main thing that gets my attention, but I mostly enjoy knowing that I am about to watch someone react in more ways than one. Some argue that reality shows isn’t even real anymore most people think that reality TV shows today are pretty much scripted.
Media has a way of influencing people, but it mostly influence people in the wrong way, even though most people does not notice it. Media bad influence is spread through movies, the news, and also movies. I don't think that the people that are responsible for the media influence intended for it to be bad it just came out that way. Media influence people by stating or making people believe that it is fact when in reality it is not fact it is either an opinion or it is their own little spin on a story. The impact or influence that the media has on American is something big and may be part of the blame for some of America's problems.
The first way the media influence America is by the music that is played today the music of today is different from the music that was played in the 80's and 90's. The music of today has the biggest effects on teenagers, the reason for this is the artist is always talking about making money and since the kids want to be rich and famous they do whatever the artist say in the song which is normally about making fast money. The music that teenagers listens to involves a lot of profanity and things that talks...

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