Media Influence On Teenage Pregnancy Essay

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Media Influences on Social Outcomes: The Impact of Teen Pregnancy reality shows on Teen Childbearing,”

‘I didnt think that it could happen to me!’, the teen girl cries out to the doctor.This is voiced by thousands of pregnant teens around America and many are wondering if there is a cause to the decline in teen pregnancies.Some studies show that what teens hear and see in the media is the cause. Reality tv is a genre of television programming in which "real life" people are followed in a situation,. In 2010, the National Bureau of Economic Research,says that the show 16 and Pregnant cut the teen birth rate by six percent.Based on teen pregnancy statistics, studies showing links between teen pregnancy and sexual content on television, and shows such as 16 and pregnant show that media is effecting teen birth rates in a positive way.

Adolescents TV USE

Some may ask, well how much media are teens watching?According to, the average American teen watches about 20 hours of television a week. By age 18, a teenager will have seen 350,000 commercials; 100,000 may be advertisements for beer.

”New polling data from a nationally representative survey commisioned by The National Campaign,asked teens their opinions on media and teenage pregnancy and their views about 16 and Pregnant.Six in ten teens have watched some of 16 and pregnant.Among those teens who have watched the show,82% think that the show helps teen better understand the challanges of teen pregnancy and parenthood,compared to 15% who thinks that it glamorizes teen pregnancy.In addition,the clear majority of teen boys (67%) and girls(79%)agree with the statement”when a TV show or character I like deals with teen pregnancy,it makes me think more about my own risk of becoming pregnant /causing a pregnancy and how to avoid it”.(Suellentrop, K., Brown, J., & Ortiz, R. (2010).

TEEN Pregnancy History

It is nearly impossible to gain an accurate measure of teen pregnancy rates over time, because not all pregnancies result in births.From colonial times to the nineteenth century, the majority of Americans had to have kids by their early to mid twenties. Few worried about teen pregnancy as long as they were married.The ability to bear children generally established the move from childhood to adulthood for females.The combination of biological,social, and economic factors limited pregnancy and parenthood for most teens. However, in the 1900’s, health started to improve, teens started to wait for marriage and continue their education. By 1960, nearly one third of single American females had their first child before reaching twenty (Fass ).Approximately four in ten girls get pregnant at least once in their teens.Twenty percent of teen births are repeat pregnancies and approximately eighteen percent of african americans,fourteen percent of hispanics and seven percent of whites are teen moms.Twenty percent of all teen...

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