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The media has had an increasingly destructive effect on young people who are becoming worryingly obsessed with their body image. The media is saturated in sexual imagery in which young people have to face every day. The sheer volume of sexual imagery in the media today has resulted in the vast majority of young people to become hooked on looking as near to perfection everyday by using the latest products and buying the latest fashions. This used to be enough but lately the next step to achieving perfection is cosmetic surgery. Everyone wants to look attractive, especially teenagers who are not only put under massive strain to succeed but to look beautiful and climb the ranks of the social ladder, and it seems that the only way to achieve the much desired beauty is to turn to drastic measures.
Cosmetic surgery is essentially not a bad thing. Some people suffer facial and body injuries or are born with a deformity which can only be corrected by plastic surgery. Cosmetic surgery can also be a life saver in cases of extreme obesity. However, some people-especially young females- are becoming too obsessed with their looks and body. The quest of finding the perfect body has led many to the operating table, opting for multiple cosmetic surgeries.
It is no surprise that many young females are turning to the knife when they are surrounded by images of young, beautiful models advertising everything from cars to beauty products reminding them every day of what they hate about themselves. Some women’s answer to this is to hide themselves away under baggy clothing but the majority cover themselves in make-up and fake tan and dye their hair to look like their favourite celebrity of the moment. However, recently many more women have turned to cosmetic surgery to boost their confidence. This made me wonder, when did being a size ten become unacceptable in modern day society? Robin Gerber, author and motivational speaker believes that women “disappear in reverse-revamping and revealing their bodies to meet externally imposed visions of female beauty.” Women are always seen to be determined to achieve the unrealistic “Top Model” body while men are let off the hook with 50% of men happy with their bodies. In a recent survey conducted by BBC radio 1 Newsbeat it was said that 70% of men voted that a curvier body most attractive, which makes you think that if this is what men think, why are we women putting ourselves under such pressure and pain to make ourselves more appealing to the opposite sex as to achieve this look more than 50% of women are opting for cosmetic surgery. The most desired surgeries are breast enlargement, liposuction and Botox.
It is a women’s prerogative to search for the best deal. This is leading them all over the world to find their preferred surgery for less. However, their desire for the best deal can often have severe consequences. One case of plastic surgery going wrong is the young girl from London who travelled to...

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