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Media Influences Everyday Situations Essay

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In today’s society, the media plays a huge part in influencing the way we think about everyday situations. From the wide range of things that can influence us, the media always finds clever ways to effect a minds understanding for people of all ages. Television first became popular around the 1950’s during the long period of time when racism was an important controversy throughout the nation. Stereotypes that are created mostly come from the television shows that are aired during primetime hours, or the hours that an audience is expected to be the greatest. Through the use of the media, the public’s perception of minorities is becoming less negative and stereotypical because of the personal perspectives shared from minorities themselves, the increasing prevalence of minorities, and the television shows challenging the negative perception.
Writers, actors, and producers of a minority race that have made their way into the many areas of media share their personal thoughts in order to help eliminate the stereotypes. Kathleen McGhee-Anderson is one of them. “ “She told me I could never succeed in Hollywood, to be realistic … a young Black girl? It was impossible,” McGhee-Anderson said” (Douglas). Being doubted from the beginning, Kathleen McGhee-Anderson proved that being an African-American women meant nothing when it came to pursuing her dreams. “ “I felt there was no limit that could be placed on my dreams and aspirations,” McGhee-Anderson said.”That’s important for us as African Americans to get the message that we can succeed and we are powerful” (Douglas). Overcoming the negative stereotype placed on her as well as minorities in general outweighs the statements others make.
The use and development of minorities in television has increased over the years. Beginning in the 1950’s and 1960’s, there were little to no minorities being used in television shows unless they were playing the role of a servant or being shown in any way of a negative manner (Miller). It was very rare to have seen minorities in television. As time has progressed, minority actors have become more and more popular in the leading roles of shows by the 1990’s and 2000’s (Miller). The Cosby Show was one show on television that was very successful at reflecting the life of an African-American family.
Through different popular televisions shows, the media challenges the negative perceptions brought about through the overall themes and messages conveyed. During the time television first came out, the influences of these shows were based off...

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