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Media Is One Of The Top Influences Of Our Youth

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Media is one of the top influences ort youth is surrounded by today. When this topic arises the media is always portrayed as negative and rarely do we focus on the positive. The way our young students of today act is a reflection of what our media is demonstrating. Not everything the media shows or portrays is what our youth will follow. As a whole we should embrace our culture and try to better the way our media is portrayed to our youth.

We are influenced by everything that is around us. The way we perceive it and the way it affects us can sometimes be something we can’t help. We can see how the media affects us every day by simply looking at someone’s way of dressing or by the way they carry themselves. Media is presented in countless ways in our lives. It is because of that that we act the way we do and develop differently from other cultures in the world.
Often when we think of how the media affects our youth today we think of it being a negative effect. When in fact it is not always so degrading to our youth. Although a large part of the media can affect our younger ones negatively it can also affect them positively. A lot of media today can include positive music or shows that teach our youth positive set of morals or values.
What is Media?
According to Webster’s Online Dictionary (1996), media is the main means of mass communication (esp. television, radio, newspapers, and the Internet) regarded collectively. From this definition we can assume that any type of music, television show, movie, articles in newspapers and sites on the internet are considered media. So in a country where sex sells and the style is to be different and to rebel against your authorities we’d consider our media to be doing a bad job at influencing our youth.
Commercials and Advertisements
Even things like commercials and ads are considered media. The way a clothing line is presented by a commercial on television will affect what we think of the line and whether we’d be interested in that brand. Most television shows, movies, YouTube videos, etc. include commercials. Other small things like advertisements are considered media as well. The advertisements we see in magazines are just like the ones we see in television.
Seeing that commercials are everywhere we can infer that we are a nation of always wanting more and more. We are a nation that is always hungry and we are never satisfied with what we have. The commercials we see in television are about the most ridiculous things. For example, some ridiculous commercials out there are commercials from toilet paper to lingerie to banana slicers. The media makes us think that we need silly products like these just so those companies are able to make millions every single year. For example, the inventor of Snuggies, a successful and richest companies out there right now. A man is rich because he thought of putting holes on a blanket. The worse part of it is that the reason why he is so rich and...

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