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Media Is Quickly Taking Over: Why Is T.V. So Important To Society?

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By the time a child is 18 years old they would have witnessed over 200,000 violent inappropriate scenes on TV (Ipatenco). People that live in the 21st century often see T.V as something they need to have to go on with their daily routines. Why is T.V so important to our society? Why does is change the people who we are? Why do we allow such a silly thing to overpower us? Television impacts many different people in a particular society negatively.
In the past 60 years, T.V has become one the major industries in the world (The Effects of Television). Television has become vital to people in the 21st century. Television is watched for enjoyment, to gain knowledge, to become aware, and many other reasons. According to the Kiser Family Foundation study on media and 8-18 year olds, teens spend an average of 6 hours a day watching T.V (The Negative Influence T.V has on Teens). Those six hours spent lounging around could be converted into good use. Most kids and teens have access to T.V’s and everything on it.
Dr. Cline said, “The amount of violence a child sees at 7 predicts how violent he will be at 17, 27, and 37. Children’s minds are like banks – whatever you put in, you get beck 10 years later with interest” (The Effects of Television). As time evolves so does the youth. If parents allow kids to watch violent T.V shows, the chances are your child will demonstrate an aggressive behavior. By the time you reach your teen years you would have gained cognitive ability (The Negative Influence TV has on Teens). This ability will help you decipher what’s right and what wrong. Children haven’t developed the cognitive ability yet, leading them to not know the difference between a fantasy and reality (The Negative Influence TV has on Teens). Children will grow up into shadows of what they watched in their younger years.
With the push of a button a child can enter any type of fictional world they want. They can be an astronaut in space or become a witness of a murder TV allows them to be victim to whatever is taking place. Violent programs have increased since 1986 (The Effects of Television). This makes children more susceptible to view an inappropriate violent scene. By the time a child reaches his teen years he would have seen roughly 8,000 murders (The Influence TV has on Teens). Kids living in the 21st century are more likely to view violence on TV.
In 1995, 21% of Americans blame TV for teenage violence (Bok 235). If teens spend their days watching vicious shows that encourage bad behavior then they too will want to demonstrate it. The society believes that the link between media violence and societal violence has intensified in the past decade (Bok 233). This means that since the violence on TV is rising so is the violence in the community. Teenagers are influenced by the violence they watch on TV.
Americans find themselves living in a world where only the bad things are highlighted on T.V. Accidents death and crimes are interesting but normal...

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