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Media Literacy Analysis Of Amy Heckerling's "Clueless"

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INTRODUCTIONWe, the majority of people can be naïve over the amount of media that daily affects our lives. We tend to only take note of a relatively small percentage of high-end noticeable tragedies, and use that as a basis of how we are "being affected by the media." I recently watched the movie "Clueless," and I am going to be discussing the "degree of identification" of which relates to me, the viewer and the character in a "psychological relationship."JOSHThe character that I am basing this concept on is that of Josh. He is the stepbrother of Cher, the main character. His innocent attitude and down to earth personality first grabbed me and as the movie progressed, more of his ...view middle of the document...

He actually can dance but he went out of his way to make her feel better and had a great time doing it. At about 12am he gets a call from Cher telling him to fetch her as she is stuck out far from home and needs to get back urgently, and at the drop of a hat, Josh leaves his girlfriend and races to fetch her. He demands no apologies and was just happy to help out.Other qualities noted is that of his untidiness when he makes food, doesn't clean up and drinks cool drink out of the bottle. He is a homely person who enjoys sitting close to his stepsister and eats dinner with her and her stepfather. He doesn't find that he needs to dress up to fit in with the well-to-do teenage society. When he speaks its mostly common sense and has many a wise word to tell. I find that I can't quite relate to that concept as I seem to regurgitate whatever is on my mind and most of the time is hard to understand.MURRAYAnother character that I found great resemblance to was that of Murray. He is Cher's best friend's boyfriend. He is a coloured guy that is a real "homey in the hood." His pants are below his butt with his boxer shorts sticking and talking in some stereotypical slang while his hands flap around in front of him.I like the way Murray thinks he's really some cool bloke with his homey by his side but deep down still knows he's a ladies man and truly cares for his girlfriend of which he argues constantly. In public he would show off and act crazy but alone with Dion, his girlfriend he would turn into googly little boy with his tongue in...

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