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Media Manipulation And America's Favoritism Of Israel In The Israel Palestine Conflict

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I’m a frequent traveler. When doing regular traveling one gets to compare and contrast different cultures on regular basis. Most of these comparisons include foods, clothes or simple social attributes. Lately however I have to come to realize a sharp and quite disturbing difference in US media. Whenever I have the chance to compare news coverage in the middle-east I find myself confused and parted. I often find American news coverage, TV and newspapers alike, being bias, especially those covering problems in the Israeli/Palestine conflict. It seems as if I am watching two different wars. In America I am watching a stronghold power, Israel, fighting the endless terrorism brought by Palestinians. In Europe I see a war between two nations in despair thoroughly trying to fight terror from both sides of the conflict. I consistently find myself questioning American newspapers, as they use overly strong terminology and definitions on top of puzzling omission of essential facts. This paper was made to research and analyze the cause of my questioning while comparing these causes to Europe in order to see if my questioning is justified. I found that because of small groups with pro-Israeli interests dictating this country, U.S government has a need to manipulate and slant media in order to get accord for their action. The questionable U.S actions include extremely imbalanced aid to the Middle/East conflict, favoring Israel. However, before I could draw any conclusion of a U.S bias I had to analyze whether my accusations for U.S media bias was justified. The manipulation becomes quite evident if one analyzes seven common violations of objective journalism: selective omission, misleading definitions and terminology, imbalanced reporting, opinions disguised as news, lack of context, using true facts to draw false conclusions, and distortion of facts.

Media Manipulation

The newspaper I frequently devour over breakfast is the San Francisco Chronicle. In examination of this chronicle one will find evidence of misinterpretation and misreport mainly from the Middle East. The Bay Area paper was subject to analysis of, a media pro-Palestine activism site, which found that the SF Chronicle reported 111% of Israeli deaths versus only a stunning 38% of Palestinian deaths. Out of these deaths the analysis separated deaths of children, which illustrates frightening statistics: only four Israeli children were killed during the analyzed periods, which were reported on at six different times, whilst out of the 88 dead Palestinian children only five were covered in news reports. That is a 150% reporting of Israeli children versus 5% reporting of Palestinian children (IAK-Statistics).
The violation exampled in the San Francisco Chronicle is often called selective omission. “[Selective omission is] choosing to report certain events over others, the media controls access to information and manipulates public sentiment” (Bias). This form of...

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