Media Monopolies Are Not A Threat To Democracy

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The Idea which became the United States of America was invented in 1776. A country founded on Democracy, where a government chosen by the people, would be led and protected by the very persons they would elect to carry out this important job. Long before this was established, the explorers and settlers left their homelands in Europe and Asia seeking profit and fortunes in a brave new world. They were entrepreneurs and were business oriented as well as trade driven. The concept of “Supply and Demand” was mostly governed by whomever had the needed or wanted product, and at a competitive, but reasonable value of the trade or price. Free Trade contracts and laws that protect consumer’s financial and political interests has always been part the trade system since its inception. Trade and entrepreneurs have always been based on competition. It is what allows this country founded on democracy, to evolve into the economic super power we are today. Ralph W. Emerson supposedly stated: “Build a better mouse trap and the world will lead a path to your door...” But our doors today now have security systems. Antitrust laws, and Freedom of Information Acts that protect consumers and the United States government itself, from the threat and disadvantages trade monopolies present. Monopolies are not a facade in which the government and or large companies use to conceal a corrupted control over information, money, and power. More specifically, they utilize laws to protect the first amendment rights listed in the US Constitution. These Laws exist to prevent such threats from attacking our democracy and the way of doing business in America.
There is no greater commodity in the world today more valuable than Information. People antiquate the adages such as, “Knowledge is power.” and “He who has the gold makes the rules.” These concepts are the very foundations in which Monopolies are theorized to eliminate the advantages of competition and can be considered as a threat to democracy. More specifically, media monopolies that control the flow of Information to society. Media and the way the country communicates has evolved just as the Trade industry in the nineteenth century evolved. Thus requiring laws, to protect consumers from media companies restricting or controlling information, via monopolizing the industry, which would surely threaten democracy.
More interested in the opinion that the large printed headlines about world events, would produce via his newspaper empire, William Randolph Hearst, printed only what he saw fit to print, with little regard for the impact that it had on the democratic society. At the pinnacle of his career, he owned twenty-six newspaper companies in eighteen cities across America, as well as leading magazines, radio and television stations and an international news agency. Hearst was a major force in the world of media where he controlled his empire and the information they supplied all according to his specific...

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