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Mass Media And It's Effects Tamiwa Kanyenda W0651441 November 14, 2013

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The mass media has the largest effect on this generation through computers, television, radio, and magazines. It affects the way we think, behave and interpret our surroundings. Since these four devices occupy a big part in our life, they also influence a part of it also. We are constantly having messages thrown at us from the media and these messages tend to circulate widely. A majority of these messages are telling us how we should dress, what we should physically resemble and several other things. Since we see messages like these so often they embed in our long-term memory. It is difficult to avoid letting the mass media play out in our lives since it is all around us whether it means in our home, through our peers, or community in general. It is almost impossible to even go a day without have some sort of mass communication object in our life.

"The average person spends about 1000 hours watching television each year. That's equivalent to watching 24 hours of television a day for six weeks straight." (2005, 02). The Effects of Television on Society: Study Mode. There are only 8765 hours in a year meaning that the average person spends over 10% of their life watching television. When people invest that much time in something, we cannot help but be effected by it. A large number of the shows we watch on television are casted with individuals similar to our age group so when people watch television shows, they feel as though what they are viewing is how they should be dressing and what their personality should be like. Acts like this mainly occur when we see people we idolize on television on a regular basis and have a desire to replicate them in some sort of way. Humans are prone to the well-known idiom “Monkey see, monkey do" so we tend to mimic what we view whether it is scripted or not.
During the day, whether we are at home, work, at shopping centres or in our cars, we spend small parts of our day listening to a radio. "Radio proved far more effective in mass communication as compared to the print media" (Introduction to Mass Communication - Effects of Radio on Society: Zain Books. Statistics state that we consume 20% of what we hear. A large majority of music misleads a wide audience of people, especially the younger generation. From hearing this in a wide variety of music, we are now lead to believe that drugs, violence and exploiting females are proper things to do and at times when actions like these are preformed, people receive praise for them. Young men or adolescents are most known for repeating this explicit behaviour.
When we use the internet on a daily basis, we are more prone to see ads, which show many sexual explicit images. There are currently several pornographic videos of a number of...

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